Terms and conditions

The term ‘conference organiser’ refers to Think Business Events Pty Ltd (ABN 66 121 965 428) and includes associations, corporate and government bodies that have engaged Think Business Events as their representative.

The term ‘sponsor’ includes any person, firm, company or corporation and its employees and agents identified in the booking form or other written request for a sponsorship item.

The term ‘exhibitor’ includes any person, firm, company or corporation and its employees and agents identified on the application form or other written request for exhibition space.‘AIEC’ means the annual Australian International Education Conference of IDP Education Ltd (ABN 59 117676 463) (‘IDP’).

The Australian goods and services tax (GST) at 10%is applicable to all goods and services offered by the conference. All prices sponsorship and exhibition packages listed include GST.

  1. A signed application form or online booking form is required to allocate sponsorship and exhibition booth(s).

  2. Space will be allocated on a ‘first come’ basis close as possible to the desired location Payment does not have to accompany the application form.

  3. Selected booths in prime location are reserved for major sponsors (refer to floor plan) until 1 June.

  4. A standard furniture package (consists of two chairs and one trestle table or 2 bar stools and 1 bar table) is included in the exhibition booth package and exhibition pods for all bookings confirmed by 1 June 2018. After this date, furniture is not included in the package, and must be ordered directly with the exhibition company.

  5. Upon receipt of a signed application form, the conference organiser will confirm entitlements in writing and forward acknowledgement of receipt, together with a tax invoice for the deposit.

  6. The deposit will be 50% of the full amount and payment is due 14 days from date of invoice. After this time, the space will be available for sale to another company.

  7. The balance of the full amount will be due by Thursday 6 September 2018. No exhibitor shall occupy allocated exhibition space until all monies owing to the conference organiser are paid in full.

  8. All amounts are payable in Australian dollars. Cheque/direct deposits must be made payable to ‘AIEC 2018’ and forwarded to the address below. Credit card payments will incur a 4% service fee.

  9. All payments must include 10% goods and services tax component (which is included in the fees).

  10. Acceptance of sponsorship and exhibition offers is at the discretion of IDP.

  11. The conference organiser agrees to promote the exhibition to maximise participation.

  12. Cancellation policy: In the event of a cancellation, the sponsor/exhibitor must submit the request in writing to the conference organiser. A fee of 50% of total fees applies for cancellations prior to Thursday 6 September 2018. No refunds will be made for cancellations after this date. After applications have been confirmed and accepted, a reduction of the sponsorship package or exhibition space is considered a cancellation.

  13. Sponsors/exhibitors are not permitted to assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their package or booked space unless prior consent in writing from the conference organiser is provided.

  14. Privacy statement: In order to assist with your participation, your organisation and contact details may be shared with suppliers and contractors and be included in participant lists and for the information distribution in respect to other related events organised by Think Business Events Pty Ltd.

  15. If you object to your details being shared, please inform the conference organiser - aiec@thinkbusinessevents.com.au

  16. Sponsor or exhibitor functions or events during or co-existent with AIEC 2018 must not be held without prior approval from IDP. All functions and events that coincide with AIEC must seek approval through the conference organiser.

  17. Major sponsors are required to choose options within two weeks of receiving the proposal or all options will be open to other sponsors/exhibitors.

  18. Placement of sponsor logo on branded items is at the discretion of IDP (if applicable).

  19. Placement of sponsor advertisements on the conference website or phone app is at the discretion of IDP (if applicable).

  20. Choice of lanyard is at the discretion of IDP.

  21. All exhibitors must produce a valid insurance certificate of currency for the period of the exhibition and this must be submitted to the conference organiser by Thursday 6 September 2018.

  22. The conference organiser reserves the right in unforeseen circumstances to amend or alter the exact site of the location of the stand and the exhibitor undertakes to agree to any alteration to the site or the space reallocated by the conference organiser.

  23. The conference organiser reserves the right to change the exhibition floor layout if necessary.

  24. The conference organiser may shorten or lengthen the duration of the exhibition and alter the hours during which the exhibition is open.

  25. The conference organiser agrees to provide the exhibitor with an exhibition manual before the exhibition for the purpose of communicating required actions on the part of the exhibitor.

  26. The conference organiser reserves the right to refuse any person including exhibitor staff, representatives, visitors, contractors and/or agents entry to the exhibition if they do not hold a conference name badge.

  27. The conference organiser will specify conditions relating to the movement of goods and displays before, during and after the exhibition.

  28. The conference organiser will arrange security onsite during the period of the exhibition but will accept no liability for loss or damage.

  29. The conference organiser will not be liable and makes no guarantee of the number of visitors to the exhibition. Equally, the conference organiser will not be accountable for the level of commercial activity generated.

  30. The exhibitor must comply with all the directions/ requests issued by the conference organiser including those outlined in the exhibition manual.

  31. The exhibitor will not display an exhibit in such a manner as to obstruct or affect neighbouring exhibitors. This includes blocking or projecting light, impeding or projecting into aisles or neighbouring exhibition spaces.

  32. The exhibitor agrees to adhere to all ICC venue rules and regulations.

  33. The exhibitor acknowledges that the conference organiser has a preferred freight forwarder and agrees to comply with all instructions relating to delivery times. If an alternate freight forwarder is engaged, the exhibitor acknowledges that the conference organiser will not be able to provide assistance in tracking lost deliveries.
    The exhibitor agrees that the conference organiser will not be liable for any goods rejected by the venue, lost or damaged prior to the delivery date specified.

  34. Official contractors will be appointed by the conference organiser to undertake stand construction and freight forwarding plus supply furniture, electrics and IT equipment. This is for insurance and security reasons.

  35. Discounts for any entitlements not used or required will not be provided.

  36. The exhibitor will submit plans and visuals of custom designed exhibits to the conference organiser by no later than Thursday 6 September 2018. Exhibitors failing to do so may be denied access to the exhibition to build or may be requested to cease building.

  37. Sponsors/exhibitors/advertisers will submit all artwork, branded materials and videos for advertising, either purchased or forming part of their package entitlements, to the conference organisers by the due date for approval. Failing to do so may result in items being withdrawn.

  38. Sponsors are limited to purchasing three (3) additional discounted conference registrations. Exhibitors are limited to purchasing one (1) additional discounted registration.


Acceptance of sponsorship, exhibition and advertising offers is at the discretion of IDP. AIEC is owned by IDP, a world leader in student placement services, in association with the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA). The decision to approve a sponsorship, exhibition or advertising request is made solely by IDP. Please note that the acceptance of your sponsorship/exhibition application is not to be considered an endorsement of products or services that may be displayed