Scholarships and fellowships (S&F)

This key interest area focuses on all issues relating to international students who are sponsored to study in another country by their home government, host government or other agencies. 


Topics under this KIA typically include: 

  • managing the expectations of sponsors
  • meeting the unique needs of sponsored students
  • establishing appropriate systems to manage and support sponsored students 
  • trends in scholarship numbers  
  • innovations within international scholarship management 
  • supporting students with a disability 
  • Destination Australia Scholarships (DET) 
  • outbound scholarships.


Topics in this key interest area may overlap with students (STU) and employability (EMP). 

Target audience

This KIA will be of interest to: 

  • middle to senior management of educational institutions 
  • managing contractors 
  • academic staff 
  • scholarship funding agency representatives.

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