Pathways (PATH)

This key interest area focuses on pathways for international students to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Australian universities, most usually diploma or foundation studies programs, but may also include pathways via ELICOS or high schools. The KIA covers all aspects of the journey of international students through pathway programs, including student recruitment, student engagement, learning and teaching quality, and partner relations. 


Topics under this KIA typically include: 

  • dealing with risk and compliance in higher education 
  • pathway provider operations management 
  • understanding and managing student retention in pathways 
  • creating the best environment for pathway students 
  • promoting engagement in learning and teaching in pathway programs 
  • trends in student recruitment and marketing for pathway students 
  • promoting best practice in student support services for international students, including mental health and safety 
  • meeting changing expectations in the student experience 
  • incorporating technology and innovation in teaching and learning 
  • building relationships with university partners 
  • working with education agents  
  • understanding available sector data and creating relevant analytics for evaluating performance.


Topics in this key interest area may overlap with several other key interest areas, especially with English languageschools (SCH), VETadmissions and compliance (A&C), teaching and learning (T&L), business development and strategy (BD&S) and marketing (MKT). 

Target audience

This KIA will be of interest to all staff across the pathways sector who have an active interest in:

  • academic and curriculum development 
  • enhancing the student experience 
  • recruitment and admissions 
  • university partnership management 
  • marketing and business development. 

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