Key interest area

Learning abroad (LA)

This KIA encompasses all forms of staff and student international mobility with a particular emphasis on student learning abroad (including both outbound and inbound). 

Topics under this KIA typically include:

  • learning abroad programs, including exchanges, internships, practicums and study tours
  • creative approaches to enhancing access to and participation in learning abroad programs
  • trends and developments in learning abroad
  • innovations in learning abroad program design and destinations
  • mobility innovations in non-traditional settings and sectors
  • work and learning outcomes from participating in learning abroad
  • funding and grants (including the New Colombo Plan).

The AIEC 2020 Program Committee is specifically interested in for proposals cover the following topics:

  • virtual mobility 
  • diversity 
  • sexual harassment in learning abroad 
  • sustainability 
  • learning abroad for the VET sector
  • navigating the changing global environment in learning abroad

Target audience:

  • learning abroad professional staff 
  • staff working in teaching and learning (academic staff) – e.g. study tour leaders
  • admissions staff (for learning abroad) 


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