Speaker information

Information on this page is updated regularly. Please ensure you check for updates in the lead up to the conference.

For the purposes of the AIEC program, the term ‘speaker’ applies to any presenter or co-presenter, facilitator, session chair, panelist or co-panelist, session moderator, session discussant, pre-conference facilitator or moderator or Inspire video presenter who is participating at AIEC.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

All speakers, whether invited or accepted via the call for proposals must be aware of, and agree with, the AIEC Terms and Conditions, including the speaker registration fee, Privacy Policy, Non-Commercial Policy and Code of Conduct.

If you are not attending the conference, but you are the primary contact for a submitted proposal, please ensure you also are aware of our Terms and Conditions.


Registration is open

All speakers must register via the online registration form by no later than 16 August.

Submitting a proposal or creating an online X-CD profile does not automatically register a chair or speaker for the conference.

All speakers are entitled to the discounted speaker registration fee.

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Speaker profile

Speaker bios and photos will be published on the online program, virtual platform and app, and may be edited according to AIEC style guidelines.

All confirmed speakers must be registered users in the X-CD system. Please ensure your bio and photo is up to date.

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Program schedule

The date and time of your session will be confirmed soon, and the schedule will be released by the end of July. 

The schedule is subject to change at any time, so please be available to present on either Wednesday 6 October or Thursday 7 October.

Also, all speakers must be aware that there is a chance the AIEC conference program may have to be delivered fully online. If so, the program schedule may have to be modified, but the overall times and structure of programmed sessions should remain the same.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, we will be monitoring the situation and notifications will be sent to advise of any changes to your session time or date.

Please note 'Inspire' sessions will not be scheduled a particular date/time, as they will only be available on demand.

Changes to your session

If your session has been accepted, Primary Contacts are able to log into the X-CD portal until Thursday 15 July, 5pm to make adjustments to their accepted proposals. 

If you need to advise of any changes to your session after this date, or if you need to replace a speaker or withdraw your session from the program completely, you will need to email us at aiec@idp.com. All changes or withdrawals must be communicated in writing.

Speaker changes must be approved by the Program Committee, and all new speakers must have read and understood the Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Code of Conduct.

Once a session is withdrawn, it may not be reinstated.

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Single and double sessions (live)

If you are presenting live, either in a single or double session slot, please ensure you have discussed the session outline with your co-speakers and the Primary Contact for this session.

The Program Coordinator will be in touch to organise a meeting with you and our conference organiser in July or August to review the session outline and understand the technical requirements of your session.

Please refer to the Notification of Acceptance emailed to the Primary Contact for details on how to book your appointment.

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'Inspire' video presentations (on demand)

This year, we have introduced a new format: the 'Inspire' video presentation. If you are presenting in this category, please note these sessions will not be scheduled at a particular date or time in the program. Instead, they will be available on the Virtual Platform two weeks prior to the start of the conference.

Inspire speakers must log into the Braindate marketplace to create topics of conversation and host Braindates, either in-person or virtually.

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Info sessions for speakers

This year, all speakers and chairs, whether speaking in person or virtually, will be required to attend a speaker info session.

  • Info Session for Inspire presenters, 10 August
  • Info Session for speakers and chairs in live sessions (single or double sessions), 16 September

These sessions will cover the information you need to prepare for the AIEC 2021 hybrid event. 

You will receive a notification with registration details via email.


More information about our virtual platform and audiovisual support service will be communicated to confirmed speakers.

Livestreaming, recording and video on demand

Some sessions will be live streamed to an AIEC virtual audience in real time. 

All sessions will be recorded, and the recording will be made available on demand to all registered delegates on our virtual platform for registered delegates up to three months after the conference.

Some presenters may be asked to submit their recorded presentations in advance.

Filming and photography

The AIEC video and photography crew will enter the session rooms while sessions are in progress and footage will be taken. Photos or video footage will be used for conference-related communications and the promotion of future conferences.



We're excited to bring back the Braindate experience to our AIEC community. 

All speakers are encouraged to create topics and host virtual or in-person braidates via the Brainddate platform.

If you are an Inpspire presenter, we ask that you host a minimum of one group braindate over the four days of the conference.

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