Speaker information

Information on this page is updated regularly. Please ensure you check for updates in the lead up to the conference.

For the purposes of the AIEC program, the term ‘speaker’ applies to any presenter or co-presenter, poster presenter, café session facilitator, session chair, panelist or co-panelist, session moderator, session discussant, pre-conference facilitator or moderator who is participating at AIEC.

Terms and conditions

All speakers, whether invited or accepted via the call for proposals must be aware of, and agree with, the AIEC speaker registration fees, privacy policy, non-commercial policy, terms and conditions and code of conduct.

All attendees, whether delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors or vendors must be aware of, and agree with, the AIEC privacy policy and code of conduct.

If you are not attending the conference, but you are primary contact for a submitted proposal, please ensure you also are aware of our terms and conditions, privacy policy and code of conduct.

Terms and conditions   Privacy policy   Code of conduct

Speaker registration

Registration opens on Monday 1 June 2020.

All speakers must register via the online registration form to attend the conference. All speakers are entitled to the discounted speaker registration fee.

Submitting a proposal or creating an online X-CD profile does not automatically register a chair or speaker for the conference.

Discounted registration fee for speakers

Fees are in Australian dollarts and inclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).


Early bird
(ends 31 July)


Full conference speaker fee $885 $1150
Day registration speaker fee $425 $565

Speaker registration deadline

Speakers who are not registered by 31 July 2020 may be withdrawn from the program.

If you are not able to register before the speaker registration deadline, please email us before 31 July 2020 to avoid being widthdrawn from the program.

Requests for a complimentary registration

In exceptional cases, the program committee may waive the registration fee of a speaker if your proposal is deemed strong and relevant to our audience. For example, the speaker is an international student, or the speaker has expertise and experience outside of the international education sector.

Request for ‘Complimentary Speaker Day Registration' must have been lodged at the time of submission. If accepted, an email has been sent to the speaker with specific registration instructions.

Requests for waiving of the registration fee received after 1 March will not be considered.

Register here

Speaker profile

Speaker bios will be published on the online program and app, and may be edited according to AIEC style guidelines.

All confirmed speakers must be registered users in the X-CD system.

Create or update your speaker profile

Program schedule

All sessions are scheduled on either 14, 15 or 16 October 2020. All speakers are expected to be available during this period.

Please note the schedule is subject to change in the weeks leading up to the conference. Before you book your travel and accommodation, make sure that you have checked the latest schedule. When you arrive at the venue, please check the program for latest updates.

Program changes

Once the conference schedule is released (July), please contact us at aiec.program@idp.com if you need to advise of:

Scheduling conflicts

Requests for changes must be made in writing as soon as possible. All requests will be given full consideration, but we cannot guarantee that the request will be met. To avoid any conflicts, we ask that speakers make themselves available for the duration of the conference (16-18 October 2019).

Changes to submission fields

If you need to amend the information in your submission (title, abstract, objectives and key interest areas) please make the changes by logging into to your submission before the call for proposals deadline on 6 March.

For hange/edits after this date, please email us as soon as possible.

Changes to speakers

If you want to propose a new speaker or speaker replacement, you will need to supply all the information required for the speaker profiles, and confirm that they have read and understood the speaker terms and conditions, privacy policy and code of conduct.

Withdrawal of a proposal or session

Please note all changes or withdrawals must be communicated in writing. Once a session is withdrawn, it may not be reinstated.

Abstracts will edited according to AIEC style guidelines.


Audiovisual and wifi will be available at the conference, although the wifi is not suitable for use by speakers during their presentations.

Technical support will be available in the session rooms and in the Speakers’ Preparation Room.

AIEC does NOT offer Zoom, Skype or video conferencing platforms. All presenters and speakers must be physically in the room to present.

All PowerPoint and Prezi files must be set to 16:9 ratio. You can use the AIEC PowerPoint presentation template (provided closer to the conference date) or you may prefer to use your organisation’s branded template.

You can email your files in advance to our technical support team prior to the conference. They will be happy to check your PowerPoint presentation should you have any concerns or queries.

Please note all files must be networked via the Speakers' Preparation Room.

More information will be available to speakers closer to the conference start.

Filming and photography

Sessions may be filmed or webcasted (during or after the conference). The official AIEC video and photography crew will enter the session rooms and Poster Lounge while sessions are in progress and footage will be taken. Photos or video footage will be used for conference-related communications and the promotion of future conferences.

AIEC proceedings

Presentations and/or abstracts may be published on the conference website at the conclusion of the conference (usually within 2 weeks).

If you want to OPT-OUT (i.e. you do not wish for your presentation to be published), please contact us in writing before the end of the conference. In this instance, we strongly encourage modified presentations to be provided with sensitive or commercial in confidence information removed.

Ligthning presentations must be submitted prior to the conference and will be available on the Lightning Presentation Website for up to 12 months after the conference.

Key dates

3 February - Call for proposals opens

6 March - Call for proposals closes

1 June - Early bird registration opens

31 July - Standard registration opens,
              early bird closes

8 October - Registration closes

13-16 October - AIEC 2020