Networking at AIEC

Good networks are the secret to a great career, and at AIEC there are different ways in which you can meet new people or reconnect with acquaintances.

See who’s attending

The app will go live two weeks before the conference. This is where you’ll be able to see who’s attending. Please select ‘Attendees’ to see the list of participants. From here you can send them a message or request an appointment.

Get involved with the IEAA networks

If you are new to the international education sector, or this is your first time attending AIEC, we highly encourage you to visit the IEAA booth in the Expo to connect with people who share the same interests as you.

There are 9 IEAA networks you can join: 

Admissions & Compliance

IEAA's Admissions & Compliance Network provides support, professional development and networking opportunities for IEAA members and other interested professionals who work, or have an interest, in international admissions and/or compliance.

Learning Abroad

IEAA's Learning Abroad Network is Australia's leading forum for all things related to student mobility. Among other events, we facilitate the annual IEAA Mobility Forum and Exchange Fair Circuit.

Marketing & Recruitment

Marketing and recruitment is constantly evolving in international education. From wild leaps in technology and online education, to competing study destinations around the globe, the challenges we face are many and varied.


IEAA's Pathways Network provides a national forum for international pathway providers to share information, develop and benchmark good practice and participate in government policy development.

Scholarships & Fellowships

IEAA's Scholarships and Fellowships Network provides a platform for sharing ideas and developing the specialised skills of international education practitioners who work with sponsors and sponsored students.

Student Life

Students are at the heart of all we do in international education. A positive, holistic experience is not only critical to individual student success, but to the long-term sustainability of international education in Australia.

Teaching & Learning

IEAA's Teaching and Learning Network (formerly Internationalisation of the Curriculum) focuses on the curriculum implications for students in an increasingly connected global society. What does the presence of international students in our classrooms mean for how students and teachers learn and teach?

Transnational Education

Global interest in transnational education is growing rapidly, whether it's through international partnerships, offshore branch campuses or the proliferation of online learning that transcends borders.

Young Professionals

New to international education, or looking to move into the sector? Accelerate your career and expand your network with IEAA Young Professionals. 

To find out more about IEAA networks, please visit the IEAA website.

Host or attend a Braindate

Braindate is a topic-driven peer-learning and knowledge-sharing experience. It is an opportunity to make meaningful connections and have interesting conversations with people who share the same interests as you.

As a delegate, you have the opportunity to create your braindate (or others to join) or you can join someone else’s braindate. Just check out the Braindate topic market which launches two weeks before the conference!

This year, all braindates will be in person, and we’re extending the hours so you can book braindates from Tuesday 1pm to Friday 12pm.

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Attend the social events

AIEC’s social events offers attendees the perfect opportunity to enjoy colleagues' company and make new acquaintances in less formal environments. All events are included in the full conference registration.

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Pre-conference sessions

More details coming soon. 

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Key dates

21 March - Call for proposals opens

12 April - Call for proposals closes

30 May - Registration open

August - Program released

31 July - Super early bird registration closes

13 September - Early bird registration closes

22–25 October – AIEC 2024