Key interest area

Admissions and compliance (A&C)

This KIA has a specific focus on the admissions, compliance and government policies and regulations for international students across all sectors.

This KIA will be of interest to people working in admissions and compliance and has some overlap with ‘marketing and recruitment’ (M&R) and ‘business development and strategy’ (BD&S).

Topics under this KIA typically include: 

  • qualifications assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • English language competence
  • admissions efficiency measures and handling volume enquiries, applications, offers and acceptances
  • admission systems, PRISMS, system integration
  • good practice in compliance and related matters
  • standards and accountability including ASQA, TEQSA, ESOS, SSVF, GTE, student visas, immigration risk;
  • issues relating to monitoring, reporting and quality assurance
  • monitoring education agents, under 18 students
  • key policies and regulations
  • local, state, national and international government initiatives and legislation
  • latest trends and developments in the policy and regulatory environment both in Australia and abroad
  • initiatives aimed at engaging policy makers and government in international education

The AIEC 2020 Program Committee is specifically interested in for proposals cover the following topics:

  • qualification assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • new and emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, PRISMS and system integration
  • admissions and compliance in-house training initiatives
  • building robust and consistent processes in admissions and compliance
  • admission processes for pathways, sponsored students, TNE and learning abroad
  • the impact of the new AQF
  • implementing the ESOS Regulations
  • agent management
  • under 18 students and compliance with the National Code
  • managing risk

Target audience:

  • staff working in admissions and compliance across all sectors
  • staff responsible for ensuring compliance across the student lifecycle
  • delegates with an interest in the regulatory environment
  • delegates with an interest in managing risk


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