Sustainability at AIEC

Over the past decade we have worked towards making AIEC a more environmentally friendly event by embracing our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and recognising the need to make smarter choices for our planet and the generations to come.

'Think Sustainability Guide'

With the help of our professional conference organiser, Think Business Events, we have adopted the ‘Think Sustainability Guide’, which identifies seven attainable targets tailored to promote sustainability at AIEC.

Drawing inspiration from the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, these seven targets focus on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. The three pillars of sustainability are interconnected and complementary, providing a comprehensive approach to sustainability that addresses the needs of the environment, society and economy simultaneously.

The seven targets

1. Reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing carbon emissions.

2. Strive for a zero-plastic conference by committing to eliminating plastic resources and using recycled products.


3. Minimise our contribution to landfill in all areas of waste.


4. Increase sustainability education and awareness for the whole conference community before, during and after the event.


5. Foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity.


6. Implement sustainable food management practices during and after the event.


7. Prioritise local, ethical and sustainable suppliers.

What are WE doing?

The ‘Think Sustainability Guide’ serves as our comprehensive guide to organising a sustainable conference and underpins every decision of the planning process.

Prioritising the reduction of negative impacts, such as waste and carbon footprint, is crucial. Actively seeking opportunities for events to create positive legacies that benefit communities, such as organising volunteer projects or offering farm-to-table food options, is equally important.

Physical events and tradeshows are by their nature very taxing on the environment. We have a long way to go to make our event fully sustainable and carbon-neutral, but we are committed to promoting sustainability education and raising awareness among our conference community.

By implementing various initiatives and fostering partnerships, we aim to educate, engage and inspire attendees before, during and after the event to create a lasting impact. 

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What can YOU do?

Everyone plays a part in experiencing a conference that is kind to the planet and leaves positive legacies that benefit the community.

This is a collaborative approach, so we ask that everyone – delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, venues, contractors and suppliers – help us reach these goals.

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