Beyond borders

Education, by its very nature, is and should be borderless and universal. However, the global pandemic forced countries to shut their borders and brought global mobility to a standstill, threatening the very essence of education and its power to ‘cross borders’ worldwide.  

In Australia, one of the first countries to close its borders and one of the last to reopen them, the disruption was felt by many sectors, particularly international education. Yet, despite the challenges we faced, or perhaps because of them, we sought innovation and reinvention. Our students demonstrated patience, resilience and faith in our institutions. No longer restrained by travel or traditions, we evolved into a truly borderless community. 

This year’s theme, ‘beyond borders’, reinforces that even though our international students are beginning to return to our classrooms, campuses, cities, communities and workplaces, there are still walls we need to tear down. These may be more immediate barriers, such as international travel risks, quarantine, vaccination and virtual mobility, or more deep-seated ones related to socioeconomic status, equity and access.  

Anchored around inclusion, connection and community, at AIEC 2022 we invite you to go ‘beyond all borders’ to: 

  • explore how we can continue to foster a sustainable, accessible and diverse education offering 

  • learn how digital innovation and data insights can create new opportunities, progressive policies and shared strategies 

  • examine the role of international education as an equaliser that breaks national, cultural and political divides. 

Reunited beyond our borders, and united by our shared goal to shape the future of international education, join us at AIEC 2022 on the Gold Coast in October. 

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