AIEC 2024 theme - the human element

In today's rapidly evolving digital era, AI, technology, robotics and machines have taken centre stage, and our institutions are increasingly focused on ways to do things better, faster and more efficiently. Human connections, however, remain at the very heart of international education. 


The power of personal connections, community engagement, cultural understanding and shared in-person experiences in international education cannot be understated. Despite the advantages of online delivery models, remote learning, AI in admissions, digital recruitment and virtual mobility, the importance of human connections is evident. From the success stories and experiences of international students who choose to study, live and work abroad to the support and guidance provided by professionals and academics along the way, the human element underpins every successful education journey.

This year’s theme, ‘the human element’, invites educators, researchers, policymakers and thought leaders to explore the multifaceted dimensions of human interactions across the international education landscape in this rapidly evolving digital era.

We invite you to:

  • engage in insightful discussions, interactive workshops and inspiring keynote sessions that highlight the power of human relationships in enhancing the educational experience
  • examine the pivotal role that human connections play in nurturing global citizens
  • discover innovative teaching methods and ways of working that prioritise personal connections
  • learn how educators and students alike can benefit from embracing diverse perspectives
  • connect with colleagues, share experiences and extend your professional networks.

Join us in Melbourne for AIEC 2024 to celebrate our sector’s most crucial element of all: the human element. 


Key dates

21 March - Call for proposals opens

12 April - Call for proposals closes

30 May - Registration open

July - Program released

31 July - Super early bird registration closes

13 September - Early bird registration closes

22–25 October – AIEC 2024