You are joining AIEC to meet great people and learn about new things. How do you spark those meaningful conversation? It all starts with a Braindate!

Braindating is more than a networking experience. It’s your opportunity to find your next big idea or your next project collaborator. It’s a chance to share your knowledge or learn from key influencers in international education.

What is Braindate?

Braindate is a topic-driven peer-learning and knowledge-sharing experience. It is an opportunity to make meaningful connections and have interesting conversations with people who share the same interests as you.

Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations based on topics posted by you and fellow participants in the Braindate Topic Market. They can be used to brainstorm, solve challenges, and share expertise or experiences while meeting new (brilliant!) people. 

By participating in one-on-one or small group conversations you get to personalise your conference experience!

Who can participate?

Braindate is accessible to all registered attendees and is included in the conference registration fee. Before you can participate, you must register for AIEC

Anyone (delegate, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor) is permitted to join and/or create Braindate topics.

When does it take place?

The Braindate Topic Market launches before the conference, when registered attendees gain access to the app. After logging into the Braindate platform, you can start posting topics, and/or booking braindates with other attendees.

The  Braindate conversations will take place over three days

One-on-one vs. group braindates

A braindate can be either a one-on-one 30 minute conversation or a 45 minute group discussion. 

A one-on-one braindate is a 30 minute deep dive into a topic with one other person on a shared topic of interest.

A group braindate is a 45 minute conversation with up to eight people to gain perspectives on a shared topic of interest. If you are the host, you get to pick a specific date and time for your Braindate, and others will join by picking one of the remaining available spots. First come, first served!

One-on-one braindate

Group braindate

Where do I go for my Braindate?

Braindates take place in the Braindate Lounge, located in the Exhibition Hall at the ACC. 

More information

Learning Concierges (real humans - no bots here!) will be on call to support you in making the most out of your experience. They will be available online in the lead up to the conference via the Braindate platform, or you can connect with them at the Braindate Lounge at AIEC. 

How does it work?
Conversation styles
Hosting tips
Example topics
Braindate etiquette

Key dates

21 March - Call for proposals opens

12 April - Call for proposals closes

30 May - Registration open

August - Program released

31 July - Super early bird registration closes

13 September - Early bird registration closes

22–25 October – AIEC 2024