Students (STU)

This key interest area is all about international students, their expectations, needs and experiences, at all stages of the student journey.


Topics under this KIA typically cover: 

  • predeparture needs and good practice 
  • the student's voice 
  • student support services 
  • accommodation 
  • health and welfare 
  • mental health and wellbeing 
  • safety and security 
  • social inclusion 
  • community engagement 
  • academic support skills 
  • workplace experiences, exploitation and employability  
  • transition and retention 
  • income support for international students.


Topics in this key interest area may overlap with employability (EMP), pathwaysschools (SCH) and scholarships and fellowships (S&F). 

Target audience

This KIA key interest area will be of interest to: 

  • international student advisers/engagement staff 
  • health, counseling and wellbeing staff 
  • insurance providers 
  • safety and security staff 
  • accommodation providers 
  • student groups 
  • community organisations 
  • government representatives 
  • marketing and sales staff 
  • compliance staff.

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