Key interest area

Teaching and Learning (T&L)

This KIA includes all elements of the teaching and learning process and experience in relation to international education.

Topics under this KIA typically include:

  • internationalisation of the curriculum (IoC)
  • embedding international and cross-cultural perspectives within the curriculum
  • innovative and digitally enabled approaches to course delivery and teaching practices
  • curriculum badging and recognition
  • engaging with learners
  • peer supported learning processes
  • students as partners
  • innovations in work integrated learning
  • internationalisation at home
  • learning analytics
  • assessment innovation
  • program evaluation
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The AIEC 2020 Program Committee is specifically interested in for proposals cover the following topics:

  • innovations in digitally enabled global learning
  • student as partners in global learning
  • work integrated learning (WIL) in global contexts
  • design for short term mobility
  • impact of cohort mix on student experience and educational outcomes
  • professional learning to internationalise education

Target audience:

  • higher education education academics
  • school teachers
  • VET teachers
  • academic developers
  • learning designers
  • teaching and learning experts
  • curriculum leaders


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