Session types and formats

As we move ahead with our plans for a hybrid event, we are calling for proposals for three types of sessions this year.

The Call for Proposals is closed open. The Program Committee is currently reviewing the proposals. Notifications of acceptance will be emailed by the end of July 2021.

The X-CD portal will be locked for editing the proposal, but you can log in at any time to view your proposal and update your speaker profile: X-CD form.

The conference program will also offer the opportunity to all attendees to host virtual or in person braindates, but you do not need to submit a proposal for a braindate. The AIEC Braindate Marketplace will be launched two weeks prior to the conference.

‘Inspire’ videos (5 minutes)

These five-minute pre-recorded videos will be available on our virtual platform before the conference starts and are intended as ‘conversation starters’ and inspirations for braindates, 1:1 appointments or live chats between delegates during the conference.

'Inspire' videos are perfect for single presenters on a single subject. They do not require a formal presentation and are a perfect platform to present a case study, an initiative or a call to action.

Single session (30 minutes)

Single session slots offer the opportunity for one or two speakers to present on a focused topic for 30 minutes.

They are a great option if the purpose is to present data insights, market intelligence or survey findings. These sessions allow a subject matter experts to present data and research findings in more didactic and traditional form. Alternatively, they are also a great option for a one-on-one interview or Q&A with an expert speaker. A formal presentation is not mandatory.

Double session (30+30 minutes)

These 30+30 minute  double sessions will be divided into two 30-minute parts: the first part will be for formal presentations, and the second part (which may or may not be recorded or livestreamed) for deep dive or interactive activities such as live Q&A or roundtable discussion.

They are a great option for an in-depth exploration of a particular subject, especially when there are two speakers from different organisations presenting different perspectives on the same matter.