Call for proposals submission instructions 

AIEC uses X-CD Systems to manage the Call for Proposals process.

Login to the submission portal

The portal will stay open until Friday 12 April 2024 5 pm AEST/UTC+10. You may login at any time until this deadline to submit a new proposal or edit an existing one.

You will not be able to submit new proposals or edit details of an existing proposal after this date, but you will still be able to log-in to view a submitted proposal or update your profile.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status and advised of the outcome by the end of June 2024. 

If this is your first time using our Call for Proposals system X-CD, please create a new user profile.

If not, please enter your email address and password to login. If you can’t remember your password, please click 'Reset Password".

As a part of this competitive proposal process, we will give preference to sessions that address this year’s theme and align with our key interest areas (KIA) and priority topics. Please ensure you read about the intended audience and understand the key selection criteria before your writing your proposal. Align with our theme/KIA and emphasise learning by doing.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at

Online Submission Portal

AIEC uses X-CD Systems to manage the Call for Proposals process. 

If you would like to prepare your submission offline before you enter it in our system, download our form below. This year you can start your submission online and save your progress before submitting the proposal by the deadline.  

Word Submission Preparation Form

Please note this is provided only to help you prepare and collate all the information you will need to submit. 

All proposals must be submitted via the online submission form by the deadline. Please note that incomplete (draft) submissions will not be considered and will be discarded after the closing date.

How to submit a new proposal online    

The online proposal form will require you to submit your proposal in two steps:

  1. Submit the proposal information – fill out proposal fields (e.g. title, abstract, learning objectives, etc.)
  2. Add speakers to your proposal – select an existing speaker in our database from the drop-down menu or create a new speaker profile.

How to view or update an existing proposal

If you are the Primary Contact or Primary Presenter, you may log into X-CD at any time before Friday 12 April 2024 to add or remove speakers or edit an existing submission.  

Co-speakers may view the submitted proposal but will not have editing access. 

How to add (link) a speaker (X-CD User)

It is crucial to ensure that all speakers for a proposal are linked to a submission.

Get permission first!

Before selecting someone from the database or adding a speaker, please ensure you have communicated with this person first and obtained their permission. All primary contacts are required to do this before adding someone to a proposal in X-CD.

Adding a speaker

When creating a new submission, X-CD will automatically assign you as a 'Primary Presenter’. Once you have filled out the mandatory fields of the proposal (content), you will then be able to add co-speakers by selecting an existing contact or creating a new contact.  

a)    Select an existing contact from the drop-down menu (someone who already has a user profile): 

Type the first few letters of the speaker’s last name, and several suggestions will appear on a drop-down menu. Make sure to select the correct person from the proper organisation. For privacy reasons, you will not be able to view the complete contact information. Instead, the speaker will be added to your submission, and they will be sent an automated email with login instructions and details of the proposal.  


b)    Add a new contact (someone who does NOT have a user profile or may work for a different organisation than the listed one):  

If the person does not appear on the drop-down menu, you must fill out all the mandatory fields on the contact form including the correct contact email. You will not be able to edit the information once you click on the Submit button. Co-speaker(s) will be sent an automated email with details of the proposal and login instructions. 

Follow-up with your co-speaker(s)

For privacy reasons, you will not have access to view an existing speaker profile in X-CD. However, if you select someone from the drop-down menu, please follow-up with this person to ensure they have received the ‘Co-Speaker’ notification email with instructions on how to login and check/update their own speaker profile.

How to remove a speaker

If you would like to remove a speaker from the list of speakers linked to your proposal, just click on 'Remove Speaker'. 

a)    If the speaker is the Primary Presenter:

You cannot remove a speaker if they are the Primary Presenter, so first you need to make another speaker the Primary Presenter (click on ‘Make Primary Presenter’), and then you can click on ‘Remove Speaker’.

b)    If you are the Primary Contact and sole Primary Presenter):

Suppose you want to remove yourself as a speaker (i.e. you are not presenting at the conference but remain the primary contact for communications purposes). In that case, you first have to add another speaker and make that new speaker the Primary Presenter (see steps above).

Follow-up with your co-speaker(s)

If you remove a speaker from a proposal, they will NOT receive a notification, so please ensure you email that speaker to advise of the change.

How to change the Primary Contact

If you are the Primary Contact for a proposal, you will be the person we contact and communicate with in the lead up to the conference. For example, the notification of acceptance will be sent to you (not all the speakers).

If you no longer wish to be the Primary Contact, please email and provide details of the new contact quoting the proposal ID#. You cannot do this yourself.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties or wish to withdraw a proposal, don't hesitate to contact the Program Coordinator at  

Key dates

21 March - Call for proposals opens

12 April - Call for proposals closes

30 May - Registration open

August - Program released

31 July - Super early bird registration closes

13 September - Early bird registration closes

22–25 October – AIEC 2024