Suggested topics for 2022

The AIEC 2022 Committee is particularly interested in receiving proposals that cover the following hot topics:

  • Strategies for rebuilding and reinvigorating the sector​
  • Rebuilding the brand and Australia’s reputation as a study destination​
  • Promoting and obtaining a social license of international education
  • Emerging technology and new platforms relevant to international education ​
  • Rebuilding learning abroad programs in a new world​
  • Outcomes of recent research of relevance to international education
  • The rise of VET and TNE​
  • Rebuilding pathway pipelines​
  • Marketing personalisation strategies​
  • Industry perception of value and career readiness of international student graduates ​
  • Mental health and wellness in a COVID world​, for students and/or staff
  • Reconnecting with international students – strategies for enrichment and engagement​
  • Hybrid and multimodal delivery in TNE ​
  • Addressing skill shortages through international education​
  • Impact of policy and politics on international education​​
  • Strategies for diversification of source markets ​
  • Case studies and examples of good practice in IE in a COVID world​
  • Climate change and sustainability in international education​
  • Remote and hybrid delivery in English Language
  • Agent management in a world with less travel
  • What life looks/feels like for international students in a COVID world
  • TNE for the school sector
  • Scholarships as ‘investments’ by the wider community
  • How do we enable the best student experience?
  • Compliance including ESOS and PRISMS changes
  • Comparisons with other destinations countries – especially Canada, UK, USA and NZ
  • The student perspective on new tech, user experience, processes and on legislative changes
  • Government policies and the impact of government decisions within international markets
  • Geopolitical changes and their impact on international education
  • Managing high expectations with fewer staff and less resources
  • Perspectives on Australia as a study destination post COVID

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