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Market insights and updates, best practices, research, innovative use of technology, new models of learning and teaching, government policies and industry trends will feature across scheduled sessions.

Here are some of the topics that will be explored and discussed at AIEC 2023.

Strategic insights

Essential insights and market intelligence to help you plan for the immediate and longer future:

  • Intercultural Competence across international education
  • The future of international education in Australia
  • The rise of India and the potential for Australian education
  • How a changing China impacts international education
  • First Nations and international education
  • The role of international education in soft diplomacy and international relations
  • Transforming communities through development scholarships
  • Australia’s global reputation: insights from the International Student Sentiment Survey
  • Opportunities for Australia-China VET engagement
  • Global flows of international students over the next ten years
  • Closing the skills gap nationally and regionally
  • Deepening partnerships in Southeast Asia for Australia through international education
  • Product-led or market-led TNE 4.0 strategies
  • Pioneering TNE models and new TNE horizons
  • Achieving growth and supporting diversity in Australia’s English language sector
  • Climate action and sustainability in international education

Data insights

Sessions that specifically focus on the use of data and the insights they provide across a range of key areas:

  • Insights from the Australian International Student Sentiment Survey
  • Using innovative data sources
  • International student data: decision factors and the student experience
  • New Zealand international student experience and comparisons with Australia
  • Transforming admissions with big data

Country insights

Dedicated country and region-specific sessions to ensure you have the latest updates on developments and opportunities including:

  • India
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Southeast Asia
  • Colombia
  • Latin America

Marketing insights

Key sessions that focus on innovations in marketing, communications and recruitment:

  • Face to face recruitment vs digital marketing – have we got the right balance?
  • AI in student recruitment
  • Gen AI: multi-channel strategies for global connections
  • Aligning international and domestic recruitment campaigns
  • New and emerging recruitment channels
  • Digital marketing trends
  • Market diversification strategies
  • Technological advancements in admissions and recruitment
  • Impact of recognition of qualifications on international education
  • Recruitment in an ever-competitive environment
  • Intensified competition between English language speaking destinations

Student insights

Sessions dedicated to helping you to better understand, support and engage with international students:

  • Best practice in international student engagement
  • Cultural pride and the international student experience
  • Student retention strategies
  • Importance of the student voice in health and well-being
  • Optimising employment outcomes for international students
  • Employer views of international students
  • Accommodation and cost of living crisis
  • AI and the student experience
  • Helping students to live sustainably
  • Trends in international student complaints
  • Understanding and investing in what students want most

Policy insights

Latest policy changes presented by policy makers and government representatives

  • Regulator updates
  • Modernisation of PRISMS
  • Role of the New Colombo Plan in building relationships in the Indo-Pacific
  • Australian National Strategy for International Education

Innovation and technology insights

New ways of teaching, learning and engaging through technology:

  • Online delivery capability: a critical enabler of a successful TNE strategy
  • AI in the teaching and learning context
  • Online learning – innovation, implications and insights
  • Empowering educators to navigate the challenges of Gen AI
  • Connecting schools in the digital age

View program online

View Program at a glance (PDF)

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9 February - Call for proposals opens

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10–13 October – AIEC 2023