Connectivity – at the heart of international education

AIEC is the premier forum in Australia to connect people, ideas and research in international education. Since its first conference in 1987, connectivity has become woven into AIEC’s DNA. It is fitting, therefore, for AIEC to celebrate its 30th anniversary event around the theme of connectivity. This theme also recognises that international education is now an inextricable part of a hyper-connected world. Enhanced technology, global citizenship and greater leveraging of networks and partnerships all combine to influence the growth and success of the international education industry. AIEC 2016 will explore the concept of connectivity, its disruptions and opportunities, across three broad contexts: technology, people and partnerships.

AIEC TechnologyTechnology

Technology has allowed us to create sophisticated networks and connect in ways that were not possible a few years ago. Today’s cloud and mobile-enabled connectivity is disrupting our social networks and the way we live, work, share, learn and educate. The conference will explore the influence of these technologies on international education and how the sector is responding and embracing the ‘age of connectivity’. What impact have digital social networks had on how we connect to students? How is ubiquitous access to information and increased transparency giving people the power to effect change? What emergent technologies and innovations are having the most impact in the provision of education and learning environments?


International education plays a major role in connecting people and cultures. It is creating a new generation of leaders who can work together to solve complex issues and preparing students for life and employment in an increasingly connected world. How do we embed internationalisation in the teaching and learning experience so it is accessible to all? How do we reconcile the reality of global citizenship and the value of multiculturalism and diversity? What does the latest research indicate about trends in global mobility and internationalisation on home programs? How do we ensure that our staff and students are able to effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and traditional boundaries and take responsibility as global citizens?

AIEC PartnershipsPartnerships

Connecting and collaborating with partners is fundamental to international education. Partnerships in international education take many forms and have a multitude of purposes. Partnering for the delivery of educational services, developing mobility programs, and undertaking collaborative projects and research are perhaps the most common forms. It is also essential for the sector to connect beyond the industry with governments, the corporate world and with community organisations. In today’s world of constant change – particularly in government policy, fluctuating consumer demand and buyer behaviour, technological advancements and major socio-cultural and economic world issues – it is crucial for us to develop strong and enduring partnerships focused on mutual understanding and growth. AIEC 2016 will explore examples of successful collaborations and partnerships in international education.

The theme for #AIEC2016 is "connectivity - at the heart of international education'