Exhibition and more

The Exhibition Hall at AIEC is a buzzing space filled with booths, networking lounges and more! Attendees are spoiled for choice with innovative and exciting additions to the Expo floor.

We’re also increased the number of networking lounges and activations, as well as coffee and a few surprises!

All meals will be served in the Exhibition Hall, and it’s a great place to head to in between sessions to connect with international education colleagues.

See who's exhibiting 

Further afield, there’s spaces dedicated to learning more, taking a break and recharging your devices (and yourself!).

Other spaces

Sustainability Lounge

This space is for you to engage, learn and share ideas on how we can create a more sustainable future for international education. Find out what you can do to reduce your impact individually and take some ideas back to your organisation to implement.

Drop by the lounge, learn about your impact on the planet and gain insights on what you can do to reduce your impact.

Indigenous Lounge

This year, we meet on Naarm, the traditional lands of the Kulin Nation. The Kulin Nation is a collective of five Aboriginal clans: Wurundjeri, Boonwurrung, Wathaurrung, Taungurung and Dja DjaWrung. We have dedicated a space within the Exhibition Hall where you can learn more about the culture, history, and language of the traditional custodians of the land.

By creating this space, we wish to recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, and relationship with the land, and we acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kulin Nation people living today. 

Learn more about the Kulin Nation

Ideas mural

You’re invited to contribute to the mural by expressing what this years’ theme means to you, and to the international education sector. Over four days, our talented graphic illustrator Jessamy Gee from Think in Colour will take these ideas and collate all our thoughts into a beautiful graphic illustration.

Be sure to stop by throughout the week to contribute your ideas and see how the mural evolves.

See last year’s mural


This year we’re welcoming Rob Malicki from Global Horizons podcast to record live from the Exhibition Hall.

Drop by, say hello, and give them a listen.

Photo Studio

A good head shot photo for your LinkedIn profile is a must! This year’s Expo includes a Photo Studio, complete with professional photographer and make-up artist to ensure you’re putting your best face forward.

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Food, WiFi and coffee (and not always in that order!) are essential to get through the busy AIEC conference week. Before heading off to your session, Braindate or next appointment, drop by the carts and grab a coffee!

Make sure you bring your reusable coffee cup with you and help us be a more sustainable conference. There will be wash stations near each of the coffee carts to keep them clean.

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Pedal-bike smoothies

Get those legs pedalling and make your own smoothie at the same time! Smoothie bikes blend fun, sustainability and a healthy message in a truly transformative way. Why not challenge a colleague to a race and see who wins! 

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Savoury snacks

Is your tooth tending more savoury than sweet? Visit the Savoury Snacks area to get some delicious goodies to graze on. 

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Gelato cart

Fancy something cool and delicious between sessions? Visit the gelato cart and sample a range of delectable flavours – or try them all!

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Ice Cream cart

A perennial favourite, ice cream never fails to deliver a refreshing treat. Lots of flavours to choose from - what's your pick? 

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Juice cart

Grab a freshly squeezed juice from the cart for a vitamin boost! 

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Fresh fruit

Ensure you're getting some of your daily servings of fruit per day - fresh fruit will be provided throughout all the catering stations in the Exhibition Hall. 

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Beyond the expo hall

With so much going on in the Exhibtion, we've overflowed into other parts of the venue


Inspire Lounge

The Inspire Lounge is a place to foster discussions and important networking between ‘Inspire’ presenters and delegates. After each presentation, speakers and conference delegates will be invited to visit the to the Inspire Lounge to host informal Q&A with conference delegates.

Braindate Lounge

Braindate is a central part of the peer-learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities that AIEC has to offer. It will be a chance for delegates to make meaningful connections and have interesting conversations with people who share the same interests.

The Braindate Lounge will be located in the Plenary Hall foyer, outside of the exhibition.

Sensory Room

Meditate, be mindful, pause and reflect. The Sensory Room is a safe, quiet space to provide respite for anyone who feels overwhelmed, overstimulated and needs some time away from the hustle and bustle of conference crowds.

This quiet room will be located on Level 1, and is equipped with sensory-friendly items such as soft furnishings. Delegates are encouraged to use the facilities and practice their own sensory management methods in this space.

Business Lounge

Designed to be quiet for maximum focus and concentration, the Business Lounge provides a space for delegates to use when you need to do some urgent work, and emails must be answered.

This room is located just outside the Exhibition Hall, and will be equipped with power, stationery and other office facilities. Delegates are encouraged to use the Business Lounge on a drop-in basis for solo tasks and to avoid making phone calls or holding meetings in the space.

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Charge & Chat Zone

Everyone needs to charge their mobile device sometimes – and themselves!

Located outside the Exhibition Hall near the Welcome Desk, the Charge & Chat Zone has comfy chairs and a charging station for all your device powering needs. 

Massage Corner

They’re back! Take a break from the AIEC grind and get a free neck massage from Evolve College students in the Massage Corner.

Evolve College offers massage courses designed by industry experts with a strong focus on leading the massage industry into the future. The founders were the first in the massage industry to introduce draping, and the standards of professionalism they introduced 20+ years ago are now enshrined in the official competencies of VET massage qualifications today.

Students from Evolve College will be giving free 15 minute massages to delegates throughout the conference. This time will count towards the hours they require to complete their course.

The Massage Corner will be located outisde the Eureka Rooms. 

Key dates

21 March - Call for proposals opens

12 April - Call for proposals closes

30 May - Registration open

July - Program released

31 July - Super early bird registration closes

13 September - Early bird registration closes

22–25 October – AIEC 2024