1.2.4. Global citizenship as a curricula outcome: issues and implications for schools' leadership, teachers and students

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 10:45AM - 12:00PM
Location: R5

Session Type: Panel

Chair: Mr Dennis Murray, Director, Murray Goold International (Australia)

Global citizenship as a curricula outcome: issues and implications for schools’ leadership, teachers and students (1177)

In recognition of rapid global change and the need for school students to engage in a broader range of skills than currently taught, the OECD plans to include global competence as a measurable variable in PISA testing in the near future. Yet, the organisational and pedagogical implications for schools associated with this paradigm shift are relatively unexplored. This session will present the notions of global citizenship and global competence in the context of global education for grades 7-12. Potential organisational constraints and enablers for educating global citizens as part of the mainstream curricula will be outlined. The potential variables to be included in the PISA framework for global competence will be discussed, and potential ways that these could be included in curricula will be outlined. Two cases will be discussed that inform the preparation of global teachers and global education. This session will be aimed at informing policymakers, leadership and educators about issues and implications involved with preparing students to function as ethical, creative and innovative problem solvers and global citizens of the future.

Key interest area (KIA): INT
Sector(s): SCH

Mr Dennis Murray, Director, Murray Goold International, Australia
Dr Kathleen Lilley, Contract researcher, Griffith University, Australia
Dr Nayia Cominos, Associate Lecturer and Researcher, University of South Australia / The University of Adelaide, Australia