1.5.5. Linking alumni with employability: bridging the divide to create the perfect proposition

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 4:10PM - 5:25PM
Location: R7/8

Session Type: Presentation

Chair: Mr Warwick Freeland, Chief Strategy Officer, IDP Education (Australia)

Linking alumni with employability: bridging the divide to create the perfect proposition (1171)

Every institution recognises the importance of alumni, yet strategies aimed at this segment are often based around networking and philanthropy. However, alumni are a critical source of awareness, information and affirmation. They provide a vehicle through which to generate internships, provide coaching and mentoring, and foster other learning opportunities such as professional development. They are a resource that can critically inform how institutions should build and deliver content that is relevant for tomorrow. On the international stage their role is even more valuable. Their experiences of country, city and institution, of different workplace situations and workplace environments, can be used to leverage growth and negate perceptual barriers. Their experiences following graduation can be used to enhance curriculum and develop new markets. In this presentation, the results of an extensive study with more than 1500 international university alumni will be presented for the first time. The lines of enquiry tracked their transition from university to the workplace and identified how their attitudes and perceptions evolved. The study included an examination of their employment experiences and the types of employability attributes they needed. The results will inform providers across all levels about how international alumni want to engage, how they can engage and where they can engage.

Key interest area (KIA): GS&E
Sector(s): HE,VET

Mr Rob Lawrence, Principal, Prospect Marketing & Research, Australia