2.5.3. Pricing it right

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 4:10PM - 5:25PM
Location: R2/3

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Mr Mike Ryan, Executive Director, Study Perth (Australia)

Price it right: the ‘education value’ in the eyes of students (1162)

The international education sector in Australia faces both deep challenges and strong opportunities. More than ever before, the global competitive landscape is challenging us to define – and redefine – our value proposition as a nation and as a sector and to define and quantify the commercial value of an Australian (international) degree. A core principle is an institution’s pricing strategy and the student’s (the consumer’s) perception of ‘value for money’. This session will explore ‘education value’ in the eyes of the student, including the amount they are willing to pay and the ‘tipping point’ where cost outweighs benefit. Research findings of a study of 45,000+ international students will be presented that address questions around price sensitivity: what is the ‘right price’ for a degree? ; what is an international student’s definition of ‘return on investment’?; and recommendations on key critical items to consider when setting a pricing strategy.

Key interest area (KIA): BD
Sector(s): HE,VET

Ms Tanya Perera, Director - Client Success, Hobsons APAC, Australia
Mr David Harrington, Hobsons APAC & EMEA, Australia