2.1.7. Indonesian mobility programs and third party providers to support mobility

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 9:00AM - 10:15AM
Location: R7/8

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Mr Trevor Goddard, Associate Director, Global Programs, Monash University (Australia)

Guiding principles for outbound mobility third-party providers (1158)

The Australian Government’s commitment to increased engagement in Asia, supported by increased funding through (the now defunct) Asiabound and its successor the New Colombo Plan, has resulted in exponential growth in study tours and other short-term education programs to Asia. A further impact of this is the emergent industry of ‘third-party providers’ (TPPs), many of them international, offering a plethora of alluring and exciting educational experiences in exotic locations. How do international education practitioners know how to determine the bona fide educational service provider from those who offer educational tourism-type experiences? In keeping with the conference theme, this session will clarify the roles and responsibilities of bona fide third-party providers in terms of global reach and local expertise, what to look for in a TPP and how working with a TPP can assist to develop sustainable programs in the constantly changing environment that is the university workforce.

Key interest area (KIA): MOB
Sector(s): HE, VET

Ms Janice Drew, Director, JMD Consulting Ltd, Malaysia
Mr Rob Malicki, Director, AIM Overseas, Australia
Mr Brad Dorahy, Founder and Executive Director, CIS Australia, Australia