1.3.P. Poster session: 'TNE and employability'

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 1:00PM - 2:15PM
Location: PZ

Session Type: Poster session

Chair: Ms Caryn Nery, Manager,Transnational Education, International Portfolio, RMIT University (Australia)

Global trends in employability: what helps your graduates find employment? (1157)

The global competition among higher education institutions is not just about which institution offers a superior learning experience – it is about learning outcomes that prepare people for the (global) labour market. Students are driven in their choice of institution by career prospects for the alumni of that institution. In this poster session, the speakers will combine the research findings of several surveys from across the globe and the recommendations from the IEAA’s employability guides to show the importance of employability and the influence this has on student decision making. Based on these findings, some good practice guidelines will be provided and some insight given into regional differences when it comes to employability. Participants will gain a global overview of requirements related to career management skills that help students secure graduate employment.

Key interest area (KIA): GS&E
Sector(s): HE,SCH,VET

Mr Kevin Brett, Director, Australia, i-graduate, Australia
Ms Nannette Ripmeester, Director, Expertise in Labour Mobility, Netherlands