2.4.5. Identifying markets using business intelligence / Carbon offsetting in international education

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 2:25PM - 3:40PM
Location: R5

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Mr Chris Gartner, A/Director International Education, Victorian Government Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Australia)

Using business intelligence to identify potential markets within a sustainable recruitment portfolio (1144)

Many international recruitment investment decisions are still based on the same approach used 10 years ago in broadly the same markets and through the same channels. However, with increased competition, finite budgets and in a world of big data and global access to information, are we making defendable investment decisions that will result in sustainable international student recruitment? This session will look at how business intelligence can be used and presented to make more strategic investment decisions and develop a sustainable recruitment portfolio. It will demonstrate how BI must influence operational level planning for it to be effective.

Key interest area (KIA): A&R
Sector(s): ELT,HE

Mr Oliver Fortescue, International Director, CQUniversity Australia, Australia
Mr Shehan Thampapillai, Associate Director International, Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning, CQUniversity Australia, Australia
Mr Thomas Eastwood, International Business Intelligence Manager, RMIT University, Australia