2.1.P. Poster session: 'Business development' 

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 9:00AM - 10:15AM
Location: PZ

Session Type: Poster session

Chair: Mr Julian Longbottom, Director Asia Pacific, StudyPortals (Australia)

Where to compete globally? Global opportunity versus Australian competitive advantage (1131)

This poster will focus on diversification opportunities in skills and training and refer to a Deloitte report, Positioning for Prosperity. Austrade will present an overview of its model for identifying market opportunities and will outline where it sees industry strengths aligning in priority markets. Opportunities in aged care and international health across Asia and oil and gas training in Latin America (LATAM) will be discussed as well as other industry training opportunities.

Key interest area (KIA): BD
Sector(s): ELT,HE,SCH,VET

Ms Tamara Kearsley, A/g Manager, International Education, Austrade, Australia
Ms Marie Hill, A/g Education Commissioner, Latin America, Austrade, Chile