2.4.P. Poster session: 'learning and teaching'

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 2:25PM - 3:40PM
Location: PZ

Session Type: Poster session

Chair: Mr Dipu Sebastian, National Academic Director, Study Group (Australia)

Smart technology in transition and international education: a Monash College Engineering Diploma explorative study (1127)

This poster will report on action research conducted by a group of Monash College Engineering Diploma teachers who incorporated smart technology, particularly iPads, into the delivery of first-year engineering units for international students. The research looked at how best to align and integrate smart technology within the academic engineering program. It analysed what skills best supported technology integration and learning with tablets and iPads, e.g. problem solving, self-regulated learning interventions, device-specific tutorials and virtual experiments. This poster will describe a technology-led curriculum delivery initiative to engage international engineering students studying at Monash College. It will highlight lessons learnt, suggested best practices, challenges and potential ways to maximise the impact of technology in an internationalised learning environment.

Key interest area (KIA): L&T
Sector(s): HE, VET

Mr Selvarajah Sathiyakumar, Teaching and Learning Team Leader - Diploma of Engineering, IT and Science, Monash College Pty Ltd, Australia