3.2.5. Austrade presents: 'Australian international education 2025: unlocking the potential'

Date:  Friday 9 October
Time: 10:50AM - 12:05PM
Location: R7/8

Session Type: Panel

Chair: Mr John Angley, General Manager, International Education, Austrade (Australia)

Australian international education 2025: unlocking the potential (1126)

The Australian Government is developing a national strategy for international education that will support a modern, competitive and sustainable Australian international education sector. A vital component of this national strategy is the development, led by Austrade, of Australian International Education (AIE) 2025, a 10-year market development plan to attract international students and visitors to study in Australia and to dramatically expand Australia’s education and training services offshore. This panel will discuss the objectives and elements of AIE 2025, including the need for new and bold thinking about international education; the need to think beyond the traditional definitions of an international student; and the importance of identifying sustainable opportunities, both onshore and offshore, that match Australia’s strengths and trends in global demand.

Key interest area (KIA): BD
Sector(s): ELT,HE,SCH,VET

Mr John Angley, General Manager, International Education, Austrade, Australia
Mr Lachlan Smirl, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics, Australia
Mr Paul Wappett, Chief Executive Officer, Open Universities Australia, Australia
Ms Helen Zimmerman, Government & Stakeholder Relations, Navitas Ltd, Australia