2.5.2. Café session: 'Transnational education and employability: failure to deliver or failure to measure?'

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 4:10PM - 5:25PM
Location: P2/3

Session Type: Presentation

Chair: Emeritus Professor Elspeth Jones, Consultant, Elspeth Jones (United Kingdom)

Transnational education and employability: failure to deliver or failure to measure? (1122)

“Generation G and millennial students expect to gain employment in a dynamic, uncertain, globalised environment while being increasingly motivated to make a positive difference in the world in which they live and work” (AIEC 2015 theme). How does this align with the TNE context? Despite significant emphasis on employability skills in Australian and UK universities, there is little evidence of systematic inclusion of such skills when the same universities deliver programs offshore. Indeed, recent literature shows that the majority of TNE studies appear to focus on process rather than outcomes. There is clear evidence that study/volunteering/internships abroad enhance employability, while internationalisation of the curriculum seeks to bring similar benefits to the non-mobile majority of domestic students. Where do TNE students fit into this paradigm? Are we failing to deliver or simply failing to measure the employability outcomes from TNE? This café session will seek to highlight gaps in our understanding.

Key interest area (KIA): TNE
Sector(s): HE,VET

Emeritus Professor Elspeth Jones, Consultant, Elspeth Jones, United Kingdom
A. Prof. Chris Ziguras, Vice-President, IEAA/RMIT, Australia
Dr Anh Thi-Ngoc Pham, Education Adviser, RMIT University, Australia