3.3.2. A model for integrating intercultural enrichment programs in formal curriculum 

Date:  Friday 9 October
Time: 1:05PM - 2:20PM
Location: R4

Session Type: Panel

Chair: Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet, Lecturer, Monash University (Australia)

A model for integrating intercultural enrichment programs in formal curriculum (1114)

Existing intercultural enrichment programs are often perceived as an add-on to study abroad, typically optional not-for-credit extracurricular offerings. By proposing a different approach to curriculum design in international education, this session will explore how we can give more value to and deepen the intercultural learning of more students by embedding informal intercultural enrichment activities in formal curriculum. This emerging trend also means going beyond traditional boundaries between ‘for-credit’ and ‘not-for-credit’ programs. Developing the global and cultural competency of all students (not just those who undertake overseas study) may ultimately support the uptake and sustainability of study abroad programs. This session will provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges for all stakeholders involved in developing extracurricular intercultural enrichment programs into a formal curriculum offering. Practical recommendations are based on the ongoing development of a transdisciplinary program in campuses located in Italy, Australia and Malaysia.

Key interest area (KIA): INT
Sector(s): HE

Dr Nadine Normand-Marconnet, Lecturer, Monash University, Australia
Ms Narelle McAuliffe, Arts in Prato Coordinator and Research Officer, Monash University, Australia
Dr Samuele Grassi, Lecturer B (part-time), Italian Studies, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy