3.3.3. Work-integrated learning at scale – employer, education, pathway and technology perspectives 

Date:  Friday 9 October
Time: 1:05PM - 2:20PM
Location: R5

Session Type: Panel

Chair: Mr Tony Watson, Advisory Board Member, Intersective (Australia)

Work-integrated learning at scale – employer, education, pathway and technology perspectives (1109)

This panel will look at several approaches to providing scalable work-integrated learning (WIL) to international students. Four perspectives will be presented: a global employer, an educator, a pathway provider and an experiential education technology provider. Dr Leanne Carter will chair and facilitate the discussion and will also talk about the challenges of providing WIL programs to every student in her faculty. Gerald Marion, Innovation Advisory Director for Ernst & Young, will talk about how its approach to innovation relies on professionally engaging with thousands of domestic and international students each year. Owen Firth, CEO of Performance Education, will talk about how to overcome objections in engaging organisations in WIL programs. Tony Watson, Advisory Board Member of Intersective, will provide insights from its 500+ student pilot of a new ‘project learning’ technology for management and quality assurance of experiential learning outcomes.

Key interest area (KIA): GS&E
Sector(s): ELT,HE,SCH,VET

Mr Tony Watson, Advisory Board Member, Intersective, Australia
Mr Owen Firth, MBA, CA, CEO and Founder, Performance Education, Australia
Ms Ashleigh Cassilles, Faculty PACE Officer, Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University, Australia