1.4.4. China engagement and student experience in the Victorian and South Australian school sector 

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 2:25PM - 3:40PM
Location: R5

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Mr Rongyu Li, Executive Director International, RMIT University (Australia)

Perceptions of schooling experiences for Chinese students in South Australian government schools (1104)

This presentation will include findings from one-on-one interviews with current and former Chinese secondary school international students and their parents. The insights into their views and reflections on the schooling experience in Australian schools will provide useful information to better serve younger international students’ needs. Although there have been significant investigations of the experience of international students in Australia, fewer studies have focused on secondary school students, in particular from students and parents’ perspectives. This study found that Chinese secondary school students come to Australia with the belief that studying in Australian schools will bring them many benefits, and they have high expectations. The presentation will also reveal how international education is understood by Chinese secondary school students and their parents. Generally, their perceived benefits and expectations are met and the students’ schooling experience is satisfying and enjoyable. Issues and problems identified will be discussed.

Key interest area (KIA): STU
Sector(s): SCH

Dr Zhenmin Wang, International Business Manager, SA Government Department for Education and Child Development, Australia