2.3.P. Poster session: 'mobility' 

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 1:00PM - 2:15PM
Location: PZ

Session Type: Poster session

Chair: Dr Davina Potts, Director of Global Engagement, Australian National University (Australia)

IRU scholars in Asia: enhancing mobility collaboration across university networks (1089)

Australia is experiencing a golden age of student mobility, with unprecedented support provided across the sector from government through to senior university level. Engagement with the Asia-Pacific region via student mobility is rapidly expanding; alongside continued interest in North America and Europe, the overall number of mobility experiences continues to grow. Traditional forms of mobility have relied on bilateral or trilateral agreements to facilitate student movement; recently, local and international consortiums have facilitated greater access, but the Australian sector lacks cooperation in this space. The poster will outline the development, planning, execution and feedback from the pilot round and discuss the future for similar collaboration among networks within the Australian student mobility context.

Key interest area (KIA): MOB
Sector(s): HE

Mr Daniel Mather, Student Mobility Manager, Flinders University, Australia