1.5.1. Automated assessment and compliance in admissions and recruitment

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 4:10PM - 5:25PM
Location: P1

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Ms Debra Langton, Director, International and Students Operations, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

Towards automated assessment: international admissions of the future (1060)

The implementation of an automated admissions system poses a new challenge in the recruitment of international students. The codification of university entry standards to enable a more automated assessment process is a vital aspect of such a system. Since 2011, the University of Adelaide has developed an online application portal, in partnership with SATAC, and has concurrently moved to the automation of much of the admissions cycle. The codification of entry requirements has been achieved by using ‘Course Selection Methodologies’ (CSM). CSM contains coded information pertaining to a given degree’s minimum academic and English language entry requirements, along with standardising such features as articulation agreements and advanced standing. This has enabled a more automated assessment to be undertaken, streamlining much of the admission process. This presentation will discuss the implementation and challenges involved with the development of this system, as well as analysing its effectiveness and limitations.

Key interest area (KIA): A&R
Sector(s): HE

Mr Daniel Place, Senior Admissions Officer, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Ms Clara Barbieri, Manager, International Admissions, The University of Adelaide, Australia