2.5.1. Course experience perceptions and supervision strategies for work placements

Date:  Thursday 8 October
Time: 4:10PM - 5:25PM
Location: P1

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: A. Prof. Debbie Clayton, Director and Consultant, Clayton International (Australia)

Supervision strategies speech-language pathology student supervisors use to support international students in work placements (1046)

Work-integrated learning placements can be complex for international students studying professional courses. Students must develop professional competencies while adjusting to new learning environments and communication and cultural differences in the workplace. Internationalisation strategies that support students’ access to university curriculum may not transfer to workplace settings, further complicating learning for international students. This study explored the strategies supervisors reported using to support speech-language pathology international students in placements. Twenty supervisors participated in five focus group interviews. Interview data was analysed thematically, using Krueger and Casey’s (2009) framework. Supervisors identified strategies they used to support cultural adjustment and learning and commented on how successful they were. Communication skills were noted as more difficult to support during placements. The strategies used will be discussed with reference to internationalisation and workplace education literature. Research directions to build evidence about strategies to support international students’ learning in workplace settings will be discussed.

Key interest area (KIA): L&T
Sector(s): HE

Ms Stacie Attrill, PhD candidate, University of Sydney, Australia