1.4.P. Poster session: 'Collaborations and partnerships' 

Date:  Wednesday 7 October
Time: 2:25PM - 3:40PM
Location: PZ

Session Type: Poster session

Chair: Dr Eugene Sebastian, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Business International, RMIT University (Australia)

Collaboration and partnerships – contributing to Defence’s strategic and development goals through international education and training (1025)

The Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) is a Department of Defence (Defence) regional engagement tool to foster and develop relationships between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and regional defence organisations. The DCP provides engagement opportunities to senior and middle-ranking officers for personnel exchanges and training opportunities of mutual benefit to the ADF and their parent organisation. Approximately 800 foreign defence personnel from 50 countries undertake education and training programs every year, in Australia and offshore and at a range of institutions. Defence collaborates with several key strategic partners to successfully deliver the DCP and ensure consistency of service delivery for participants. This poster will focus on one Defence partnership model, the Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program, and its benefits, challenges, opportunities and innovations. How the various programs’ participants are prepared (linguistically, academically, practically and culturally) will be outlined.

Key interest area (KIA): C&P
Sector(s): ELT,HE,VET

Ms Sylvia Wheeler, Director of Studies, Defence International Training Centre, Australia
Ms Alison White, Program Manager, Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program, Scope Global Pty Ltd, Australia