3.3.4. Preparing students for study tours and understanding why students withdraw from mobility programs

Date:  Friday 9 October
Time: 1:05PM - 2:20PM
Location: R6

Session Type: Thematic session

Chair: Ms Kim Siemensma, Senior Coordinator, La Trobe Abroad, La Trobe University (Australia)

Why students withdraw from exchange: an examination of student responses (1019)

Over the past three years, The University of Queensland has experienced a significant increase in the number of students applying for outbound exchange programs; however, the proportion of students withdrawing has remained high. From an administrative perspective, large numbers of withdrawals represent a drain on resources, while students who withdraw lose the opportunity to have an international study experience. This presentation will examine research conducted at the University of Queensland on outbound exchange application withdrawals. For the past three years, students withdrawing from the UQ Abroad program were asked to complete a survey to provide reasons for their withdrawal. This presentation will report on the findings of this research to identify the stage at which students withdrew, reasons for their withdrawal, and factors that would have helped the student remain in the program. The results discussed will address the long-term sustainability of semester-based exchange programs.

Key interest area (KIA): MOB
Sector(s): HE

Ms Katie Smith, Student Exchange Adviser, The University of Queensland, Australia