Live Polling

Interactive sessions at AIEC

Interactive sessions are a powerful engagement tool that allows speakers to interact with their audience and drive conversation through voting/polling from their own mobile devices.

The voting/polling feature allows speakers to ask the audience pre-populated questions with real-time results. Questions can be yes/no, star rating or multiple choice with custom answers. Results will be displayed within the app in real time and on the display screen to the whole audience.

If you would like to use AIEC app audience voting/polling during your presentation at AIEC, questions must be submitted in advance by no later than Friday 2 October. Please read the instructions below on how to include this in your session.

If you do not want to use the AIEC app, we recommend using Poll Everywhere  or another polling platform that does not require the audience to have to download software, create a log in or install an app in advance.

Please note the polling via the AIEC app will NOT be available for lightning presentations.

Key dates

TaskDue date

Email the conference office at if you would like to use the voting/polling feature and include your session details, including:

  • Session number, title, date and time
  • Speaker name
Please advise as soon as you have decided if you will use voting or polling.
Submit your questions to the conference office at for voting/polling including the answers and if there is one correct answer. Friday 2 October

Instructions on creating your questions/answers

1. Questions can be:

  • YES/NO
  • Star rating
  • Multiple choice with custom answers

2. Questions should be no longer than 250 characters for the best display on the audience screen and user devices.

3. Multiple choice answers are shown in full on the app screen (user device), but only the first 10 characters are shown on the projection screen so please provide a shorter option of maximum 10 characters for the results.

For example, if the question is ...

'Which of these cities has the highest number of international students'?

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. San Francisco

... the answers should be abbreviated to: 

  1. NYC
  2. LA
  3. SF

Creating your PowerPoint presentation

When you create your PowerPoint presentation please include an individual slide for each question that you would like to ask, including the options delegates will be choosing from.

This will enable the audiovisual technician to open your question ready for voting/polling. 

If you would like to ask the same question at the start of your presentation and again at the end, this is considered to be two questions, so you will need two separate slides.

How will it work ont the day?

Delegates will be advised which sessions have an interactive component. If delegates wish to take part in the voting/polling, they will need to download the conference app before the session starts and create a profile.

Speakers who use the voting/polling feature within the conference app should advise the chair of their session to remind delegates at the start that there will be an interactive component.

First the audience will see your question on your PowerPoint slide on the main projection screen:


This will cue the technician in the room to open the polling question on the app. 

Delegates will see the question appear on their app and will be given time to respond:

Once you have asked the question the projection screen will change from your PowerPoint slide to the live polling results, while polling is in progress. If you don’t want live results and only want the final outcome shown, please advise the conference office.

The results will be shown on the main projection screen:

The results will also be shown on the app screen (user device):

After delegates have been given enough time to respond and view the results, the screen will switch back to your presentation either showing the next question or the continuation of your presentation.

Accessing the results after the conference

If you would like a copy of the results for your session please email after the conference and we will email you a report for your session.

Please allow two weeks for results to be sent.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding this feature please contact the conference office.

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