Information for Inspire presenters (on demand videos)

Thank you for presenting at the upcoming AIEC 2021 to be held virtually. This guide aims to provide you with some assistance in planning for your Inspire session.

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Inspire video presentations are five-minute pre-recorded videos that will be available on demand on our virtual platform before the conference starts. They are intended as ‘conversation starters’ and inspirations for Braindates, 1:1 appointments or live chats between delegates during the conference.

'Inspire' videos are perfect for single presenters on a single subject. They do not require a formal presentation and are a perfect platform to present a case study, an initiative or a call to action.

Videos must focus on content, and accurately reflect the information you have in your session title, abstract and learning objectives.

Depending on your budget and skills, you have a range of options available for the video recording. For example, your video could be:

  • a PowerPoint presentation recorded on Zoom, with webcam (see demonstration video below)
  • a PowerPoint presentation with voice over
  • an animated video

Recording your video

Duration of your video presentation

The maximum duration for ‘Inspire’ videos is 5 minutes.

If you are presenting a World in Focus video (DESE, Austrade or IDP), your video can have a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

Please do not go over your allocated time – if your video runs over the maximum time allocation, you will be asked to re-record and resubmit.

If there are two ore more speakers presenting, please note the times shown above are for the entire presentation, not per speaker!

File specifications

For best results, we request that videos follow these specifications:

Maximum file size: 5 GB

Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels

Frame rate: 30 fps

Codec: H.264

File type: MP4 or MOV

Presentations with large file sizes or photographs should have the photos compressed to 96dpi for screen/web. This will decrease the file size without affecting the image quality. This feature is available within PowerPoint in the picture toolbar.

How to record a presentation using Zoom

We recommend using Zoom to record your presentation. Please watch the video demonstration on how to record your presentation.

We highly recommend:

  • If you have more than one presenter, have the main presenter screen share so that they are able to control the slides. The other presenter can record the presentation to ensure the recording is a smooth process.

How to name your file to the organisers

Please ensure you include the following information in your file name

  • Session type (e.g. Inspire)
  • Abstract ID reference number
  • Presenters’ first and last name (if there are more than one presenter, please include use the first/main presenters’ lastname)

For example, for the sessions below, the file name would be:




How to send your files

Once saved with the correct name please upload to this link:

Upload video to Dropbox

When to send your files

All recorded video presentations (and supporting document files) need to submitted by Friday 10 September 2021, 5.00pm AEST.

Presentation content

Please ensure the information in your Inspire video accurately reflects the abstract and learning objectives as described in the AIEC program.

Also, please ensure your first slide includes information as per the program:

  • Session title
  • All speaker names (preferably in the order in which they are presenting)

Need help?

If you are having issues pre-recording your presentation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Virtual Speaker Guidelines

AIEC 2021 is not a just another ‘webinar’. The calibre of your Inspire video must be the same as if you were presenting on a physical stage with a microphone and lectern.

If you decide to record your video as a presentation on Zoom, here are some important things to remember when presenting to a virtual audience.

Read 'virtual' speaker guidelines

Info session for Inspire presenters

If you missed the 'Inspire Info Session' on 17 August, please watach the recording below, or download the Presentation. During this webinar, we covered:

  • Concept and format
  • Technical requirements for your video
  • How to upload your video to the virtual platform
  • Braindates and how to create a compelling topic
  • Key dates

Download presentation here

Hosting a Braindate

If you are an Inspire presenter, we ask that you host a minimum of one group Braindate over the four days of the conference.

The topic of your Braindate should be related to your video topic.

The Braindate marketplace can be accessed from the AIEC virtual platform, from 20 September.

Find out more about Braindate at AIEC 2021.