Session types

This year, the AIEC will be a hybrid event, and for the first time ever, we will have both an in-person audience and a virtual audience. 

All sessions (except for plenary sessions) have been scheduled into 30 minute time slots. It is important to adhere to the 30 minute time slot, as sessions will be recorded and/or livestreamed to a live virtual audience.

Double session (30+30 minutes) 

A double 30+30-minute session will be divided into two 30-minute parts: the first part will be for formal presentations (with or without PowerPoint) and the second part for a deep dive or interactive activity such as a live Q&A.

Here is a proposed outline with suggested timings below.

PART A (30 minutes)

This part WILL be recorded or livestreamed. 

  • Chair intro (3 min)
  • Content/presentations  (25 minutes) with or without PowerPoint presentations
  • Chair closing remarks (2 min) 

Virtual presenters who are not presenting in person from the Gold Coast may be asked to pre-record their presentation.

There will be no questions from the audience during this part.

SHORT BREAK (15 minutes)

This part will NOT be recorded or livestreamed.  

PART B (30 minutes)

This part WILL be recorded or livestreamed. 

  • Chair intro (3 min) 
  • Q&A – Questions from virtual and in-person audience and questions from the chair/moderator 
  • Chair closing remarks (2 min) 

Single session (30 minutes) 

A single 30-minute session must include chair intro and outro, time for presentation and time for Q&A. Note it is not mandatory to have a ‘formal presentation’, but if you do have presentations the PowerPoints and media files must be emailed to the conference organisers at least one week prior to the session date.  

Here is a standard outline with suggested timings: 

  • Chair intro (3 min) 
  • Speaker A, presentation #1 (8 minutes) 
  • Speaker B, presentation #2 (8 minutes) 
  • Q&A (8 minutes) 
  • Chair closing remarks (3 min)