Panel (75 min)


75 minutes

No. of speakers

Panel submissions must meet the minimum/maximum number of speakers indicated below. For the purposes of AIEC submissions via X-CD, a chairperson is considered a “speaker”:

  • 2 speakers + 1 chair = 3 speakers
  • 3 speakers + 1 chair = 4 speakers
  • 4 speakers + 1 chair = 5 speakers

Session format

Panel presentations are structured sessions with a set time for each panellist to speak, which is determined by the person submitting the proposal.

Sessions begin with an introduction (or presentation) from the chair, followed by other presentations.

The session must include time for Q&A, discussion and dialogue during the session or at the end to allow for audience participation and engagement.

Session criteria

Proposals for panel sessions are assessed based on the quality and relevance of the content, the proposed delivery, and their value within the context of AIEC.

The Program Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions that include diversity of speakers – that is, experienced speakers from different organisations, education sectors – that will provide a different viewpoints on a common topic.

Read review and selection criteria

Room set-up

The room will be set up in theatre style unless otherwise noted.


Standard equipment in panel session rooms includes:

  • lectern and microphone
  • data projector
  • projection screen/plasma display
  • laptop
  • preview monitor (you will be able to see your slides in front of you while presenting from lectern)
  • wireless presenter (clicker)
  • head table and table microphones
  • cordless microphone for Q&A