Key interest area

Marketing and recruitment (M&R)

The focus of this KIA is on all aspects of student recruitment across all education sectors – direct, indirect, pathways, agent and partner; and marketing activities and initiatives - digital, print, communications including public relations, campaigns, events, research and brand.

This KIA will be of interest to people working in recruitment, marketing, marketing and communications space, and has some overlap with admissions and compliance (A&C) and business development and strategy (BD&S).

Topics under this KIA typically include: 

  • improvements in student recruitment strategies and practices
  • performance metrics including cost of acquisition and return on investment
  • working with agents and other third parties
  • channel marketing techniques
  • marketing with partners and other stakeholders (alumni, partner institutions, businesses and industry)
  • niche marketing (e.g. specialised programs; postgraduate research)
  • media and public relations; country profiling highlighting challenges and opportunities
  • innovations in digital marketing
  • understanding key touchpoints to better connect with target audiences
  • content marketing
  • campaign marketing
  • effective use of social media
  • recruitment activities such as networking, fairs, events
  • nurturing campaigns
  • understanding market trends
  • data/competitor analysis
  • making the most of your data
  • market research
  • utilising data to optimise campaigns

The AIEC 2020 Program Committee is specifically interested in for proposals cover the following topics:

  • how to better engage and convert prospects
  • future trends in marketing and recruitment
  • diversity opportunities – in both market selection and course offering
  • promoting regional destinations
  • best practice in content marketing
  • enhancing agent performance

Target audience:

  • delegates responsible for international engagement and student recruitment
  • marketing and communications professionals
  • delegates who are interested in market and course diversification
  • business development staff interested in growing and expanding their portfolio
  • senior staff responsible to setting strategic and operational objectives


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