Suggested topics for 2019

The following list gives a few examples of the topics the committee would particularly welcome for the 2019 conference. The following list is by no means exhaustive. 

Admissions & Compliance

  • Qualifications assessment in new and emerging markets 
  • Technological developments and other innovations in admissions and compliance 
  • Good practice in implementing National Code standards 
  • Good practice in monitoring an education providers immigration risk rating. 

Business Development & Strategy

  • Leadership challenges and innovations in international education 
  • Developments and innovations in competitor country study destinations
  • Diversifying the Australian international education market
  • The future of traditional degree programs and delivery modes
  • Innovations in EduTech
  • Leadership in global citizenship
  • International education and Soft Power
  • New and emerging forms of international education beyond students
  • Best practice in using data 
  • R&D commercialisation opportunities and innovative partnerships in international education
  • Accessing opportunities through partnerships with the Official Development Assistance (ODA) agencies/countries
  • Enhancing capability and skills development through industry partnerships
  • Digital transformation disrupting international education


  • Leveraging ELICOS promotion as an effective lead generator in the pathway context 
  • Market development, utilising data and market intelligence in the ELT sector
  • Onshore packaged English programs delivering more than English Skills
  • English TNE delivery in the articulation pathway context - case studies


  • The future of jobs
  • Preparing international students for leadership roles
  • Careers beyond accounting and commerce
  • Innovations in employment preparation for international students

Government and Policy

  • National code
  • New skills migration list and impact on international education
  • International educationPolicy initiatives globally
  • Post-Brexit impacts and developments in the context of international education
  • Strategies/case-studies for positioning regional Australia as an international education destination

Learning Abroad

  • Virtual learning abroad
  • Leadership in learning abroad
  • Access and inclusivity in learning abroad
  • Future of funding in learning abroad

Marketing and Recruitment

  • New frontiers in marketing
  • Emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in marketing and recruitment
  • Best practice examples from other industries/professions
  • Innovative approaches to agent engagement
  • National brands – innovations and impact


  • Innovative approaches to increasing pathway student progression outcomes
  • Research in the areas of pathway program delivery; such as student progression, pathway sector financial contribution to the international sector, teaching and learning solutions for pathway students, global trends in pathway programs and transnational partnership
  • Case studies of pathway program centres ‘leading the way’ in areas such as pathway program innovation, team leadership in a pathway environment, student experience, offshore partnerships


  • School sector strategy
  • International engagement in the school sector
  • Trends, challenges and issues in enrolling under 18 year olds
  • Emerging forms of competition
  • Leading examples of best practice in student ambassador and alumni programs in the school sector


  • Exemplars of student experience (safety, mental health , resilience, accommodation, community and social engagement, employment, etc)
  • Mental health and well-being of international students including identification, services and trends
  • Innovative practices/insights in health and welfare of students globally
  • Leading examples of and innovations in student support services
  • Case-studies of student leadership in international education
  • Sessions about international students by international students
  • Innovations in social inclusion and community engagement 
  • Good practice in provision of appropriate and affordable accommodation for students

Teaching and Learning

  • Shifting discourse to engaging students through content and delivery
  • Innovations in digitally enabled global learning
  • Curriculum as an employability pathway
  • Leading internationalisation in education
  • Initiatives in the VET sector

Transnational Education

  • Innovations and developments in the context of off-shore campuses
  • New and emerging forms of TNE
  • English TNE delivery in the articulation pathway context - case studies 
  • VET and TNE
  • ‘How to’ guide for establishing TNE schools