75 minutes

No. of speakers

In a fishbowl session, all attendees are speakers!

Maximum number of speakers (facilitators): 2

For the purposes of the AIEC X-CD submission system, all fishbowl session facilitators are referred to as ‘speakers’.


In a fishbowl session, chairs are arranged in a circle surrounding a ‘fishbowl’ of speakers.

Questions will be submitted via the conference app, and the facilitator will pose the questions and invite anyone in the audience to take up a seat in the ‘fishbowl’ if they have something to say or share.

All attendees have the opportunity to join the conversation, share their own thoughts, experience and best practice on the content matte. Or they can just enjoy watching and listening to what happens within the fishbowl.

Session criteria

Read review and selection criteria

Room set-up

Seating in the room will be set-up in concentric circles, with a central area reserved for seating.


Equipment for fishbowl sessions includes:

  • handheld and/or lapel microphones for facilitators
  • cordless microphone for speakers