60 or 75 minutes

No. of speakers

In a campfire session, all attendees are speakers!

Maximum number of speakers (facilitators): 2

For the purposes of the AIEC X-CD submission system, all fishbowl session facilitators are referred to as ‘speakers’.


Campfires are casual discussions where participants sit around a ‘campfire’ to share stories and experiences related to a specific topic. Unlike a ‘fishbowl’ the discuss is completely unstructured.

The facilitator will kick off the discussion with a common question or issue. The attendees discuss the topics and ensuing topics as a group or in smaller informal groups.

All attendees have the opportunity to join the conversation, share their own thoughts, experience and best practice on the content matter should they so wish.

Session criteria

Read review and selection criteria

Room set-up

In a campfire session, chairs are arranged in a circle.


To promote the informal and relaxed nature of the format, presentation slides cannot to be used in the campfire pod.