AIEC 2016 – Melbourne

Dates: 18-21 October 2016
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Tuesday 18 October, 5.30 pm

0.1.A.  Opening  Plenary (Tuesday) 

With one voice – building inclusive, connected communities

Tania de Jong


Wednesday 19 October, 8.45 am

1.1.A.  Plenary (Wednesday) 

Creating opportunities within disruption: the power of connectivity in a brave new world

Jackie Kassteen, Transformative Marketing Solutions

Wednesday 19 October, 10.30 am

1.2.A.  International education 101: what you should know  

Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education 
Bronte Neyland, Victoria University 
Oliver Fortescue, CQUniversity 

1.2.B.  VET | Aged care in China: where are the opportunities for VET?

John Paolacci, ShineWing Australia 
Jen Bahen (Tyrell), TAFE Directors Australia
Chuyang Liu, Austrade 

1.2.C.  Prepared for success – ELICOS

Brett Blacker, English Australia 
Juliana Kendi, La Trobe Melbourne 

1.2.D.  Internationalisation of international education: connecting people and ideas and exploring possibilities 

John Hudzik, Michigan State University
Betty Leask, La Trobe University 
Elspeth Jones, Elspeth Jones
Wendy Green, University of Tasmania
Jean-Bernard Adrey, Coventry University

1.2.E.  Innovative approaches to student recruitment

Why and how faculties should take a lead role in student recruitment

David Wright, HECG 

Virtual reality – connecting prospective students with institutions worldwide

Marlena Mende, Monash University 

1.2.F.  Making it all count: connecting Australia’s international education data

Steve Nerlich, Australian Government Department of Education and Training 
Spiro Kavadias, Austrade 
Alice Maclean, Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection 

1.2.P.  IEAA Excellence Award Winners’ poster presentations

English language proficiency in higher education: student conceptualisations and outcomes

Pamela Humphreys, Griffith English Language Institute (GELI)

The Australia-Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project

Kurt Mullane, Asia Education Foundation

Wednesday 19 October, 12.00 pm

1.3.A. International education in Australia: come and test your proficiency!  

Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education
Bronte Neyland, Victoria University
Oliver Fortescue, CQUniversity

1.3.B. VET | Reporting student experience in the VET sector – the national profile 

Kevin Brett, i-graduate
Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland
Helen Zimmerman, Navitas Ltd
Steve Nerlich, Australian Government Department of Education and Training

1.3.C.  Strategies for success in pathway programs

Targeting retention for student success

Malcolm Baigent, Navitas 

Trinity College Foundation Studies: a study of pedagogy, practice and student experiences 

Ian Teo, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne
Jennifer Mitchell, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne

1.3.D.  Migration and international education

The skilled migration/international education nexus: accountants’ case study

Rob Thomason, CPA Australia

Migration and international education in Australia – a disconnected landscape 

Daniel McKinnon, Top Class International Pty Ltd
Danielle Hartridge

1.3.E.  The best university in the world? What ranking can and can’t tell us

Duncan Ross, TES Global 

1.3.F.  In focus: Iran

Dennis Murray, Murray Goold International
Maher El Bakry, IDP Education
Chris Bandy, Austrade 
Mammad Aidani, The University of Melbourne
Stephen Trengove-Jones, Department of Education and Training 

1.3.P.  Connecting with students (1)

Using the walking interview as a tool to connect with internationally mobile students

Jodi Gregory, University of Huddersfield

Speaking the same language: how to engage students through new communication channels

Anton Crace, International Education Services
Luke Latimer, International Education Services 

Connecting where the students are: transforming communication with the FISC app

Richard Stevenson, Flinders International Study Centre

Digital discussion: hot topics among international students in social media

Saba Nabi, Council of International Students Australia

Wednesday 19 October, 2.30 pm

1.4.A.  Making the connection: Australia’s global alumni engagement

Tricia King, Council for Advancement and Support for Education 
Peng Tao, 
Rebecca Hall, Trade &  Investment Queensland
Cheryl Johnson, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Ron Fairchild, Deakin University 

1.4.B.  Using data to improve admissions and recruitment strategies

State of play: using data to develop state and province-level strategies 

Grant Watson, RMIT University
Thomas Eastwood, RMIT University

Connecting people and data for improved admissions results 

Kathryn Humphrey, Macquarie University 

1.4.C.  What does it really mean to internationalise the curriculum? Theoretical and practical perspectives from the coalface of teaching and learning 

Craig Whitsed, Murdoch University
Megan Paull, Murdoch University
Wendy Green, University of Tasmania
Ricardo Flores, UNSW Australia

1.4.D.  The graduates of 2025: their expectations, needs and aspirations

Rob Lawrence, Prospect Marketing & Research

1.4.E.  In focus: Philippines

Edilberto C de Jesus, Asian Institute of Management 
Tracy Harris, Austrade 
Vernon Wills, Site Skills Australia 
Maria Aurora (Ria) Dela Vina, IDP Education

1.4.P.  Enhancing the marketing experience

Quick wins to kickstart your marketing automation success 

Michael Bird, Social Garden 
Sharyn Maskell, Social Garden

Power of social connection: personalising the online marketing experience 

Jane Favaloro, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Mark Buttigieg, RMIT University
Harriyadi Irawan, William Angliss Institute of TAFE

Wednesday 19 October, 4.15 pm

1.5.A.  The great debate: is continued growth in international enrolments sustainable?

Kerrin Benson, MDA Ltd, formerly the Multicultural Development Association
Renata Bernarde, General Sir John Monash Foundation
Jeannie Rea, National Tertiary Education Union
Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia
Kent Anderson, The University of Western Australia
Sophia Arkoudis, Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE), The University of Melbourne
Nick Bisley, La Trobe University

1.5.B.  Three megatrends shaping the future of international student mobility  

Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, LLC  


Thursday 20 October, 8.45 am

2.1.A.  World in focus: café session with Australian Government overseas representatives 

Kent Anderson, The University of Western Australia

2.1.B.  More than a roof over their heads?

William Archer, i-graduate 
Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia
Jennifer McDonald, The University of Melbourne 
Rebecca Bendall, Urbanest Australia
Mustika Indah (Nina) Khairina, Council of International Students Australia

2.1.C.  Schools | Internationalising Victorian schools

Learning by doing: how to establish a school in China

Nicholas Dwyer, Haileybury International School 

Connecting to the world – how Victoria is internationalising its schools

Concetta Andreana, Victorian Government Department of Education and Training

2.1.D.  Industry collaboration models and work integrated learning

Scan of overseas models of university/industry collaboration and analysis of implications for Australia

Mollie Dollinger, Centre for the Study of Higher Education 

The NSW Government offered 200 international students work integrated learning experience – what did we learn? 

Peter Mackey, StudyNSW
Darren Newman, NSW Police Force
Ritwick Priyadarshi, University of New South Wales

2.1.E.  Working with partners: how collaboration helped build one of the world’s greatest international student cities 

Jane Favaloro, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Tim Ada, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Joanna McEwan, Visit Victoria
Jirayut Prompen, Monash College

2.1.F.  International collaboration in quality assurance for higher education – Quality Beyond Boundaries Group

Dorte Kristoffersen, HKCAAVQ 
Warren Fox, Knowledge and Human Development Authority 
Gary Brook, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

2.1.G.  Big data? It’s not the size; it’s what you do with it!

Duncan Ross, TES Global 
Darragh Murray, The University of Queensland
Ian Wong, IBM
Paul Wappett, Open Universities Australia 

2.1.P.  Improving graduate outcomes using technology

E-mployability: training intercultural competencies with the help of gamification

Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility 

Putting your international experiences to work: an online program that enhances the professional benefits of outbound mobility in a digitally connected world

Jessica Gallagher, The University of Queensland
Douglas Colbeck, University of Tasmania

Thursday 20 October, 10.30 am

2.2.A.  Future-proofing an international education career: professional development plans for yourself and/or your team 

Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland
Gordon Scott, 
Gretchen Dobson, Gretchen Dobson, LLC
Kent Anderson, The University of Western Australia
Josh Nester, SEEK Ltd

2.2.B.  In focus: China

Bates Gill, Australian National University 
Allen Jiang, IDP Education 
Andrew Parker, PricewaterhouseCoopers 
Christopher Lawson, Australian Embassy 
Karen Surmon, Consulate-General (Shanghai), Austrade 

2.2.C.  Schools | Creating a strong school sector and a supportive environment for young international students

A strong school sector – an integral part of international education in Australia

Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education 

From application to graduation – a continuum of support for younger international students 

Milton Wan, DE International – NSW Department of Education
Elvia Cacciotti, DE International, NSW Department of Education

2.2.D.  Case studies in TNE: Maastricht School of Management and Massey University

Redefining transnational education: trends, experiences and expectations

Katalin Kovacs, Maastricht School of Management 

Two to tango: a trans-Tasman teaching collaboration

Leonel Alvarado, Massey University 

2.2.E.  Implementing national strategies: institutional and government collaboration in the UK and Australia

Renee Kyle, Universities Australia
Dennis Murray, Murray Goold International
Vivienne Stern, Universities UK

2.2.F.  Enhancing the student experience

Empowering international students to take ownership of their experience by making important connections 

Sahil Puri, Victoria University
Gary Lee, City of Melbourne;
Danielle Hartridge 

Bridging the gap: identifying the barriers to effective domestic and international students’ relations 

Saba Nabi, Council of International Students Australia
Dion Jeremy Lee, Council of International Students Australia

2.2.G.  Creating connections: perspectives on communicating with prospective international students

Stephen Holmes, The Knowledge Partnership
Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education 

2.2.P.  Mobility initiatives and innovations

Sushi, sumo, study abroad: an early look at the impact of first-year learning abroad

Leanne Harrison, Australian National University
Rohan McCarthy-Gill, Western Sydney University

Thursday 20 October, 12.00 pm

2.3.A.  Getting to the bottom of social networks – discover how international students really use them to help them connect with their institution, teachers, peers and friends  

Clare Gossage, The PIE 
Amy Baker, The PIE 

2.3.B.  Can connectivity provide one global education agent quality framework?

Brett Blacker, English Australia 
Kim Dienhoff, IDP Education 
Mike Finnell, American International Recruitment Council 
Stephen Connelly, GlobalEd Services

2.3.C.  Schools | Diversification in schools: getting the balance right

Mariana Lane, Independent Schools Queensland 
Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education 
Paul Bancroft, Cleveland District State High School 
David Fitzgerald, Kardinia International College 
Raylene Dodds, Department of Education and Training

2.3.D.  International student employability

What are employers looking for from international students?

Belinda Howell, UTS:INSEARCH 

What are prospective international students’ perceptions and expectations for employability and careers?

Phillip Allen, UTS:INSEARCH 

2.3.E.  Connectivity for better learning and teaching outcomes

Connecting for learning: onshore and offshore students interact via social media

Trudi Aitken, Victoria University 

Digitising student orientation to provide a seamless customer experience

James Burroughes, Unitec Institute of Technology 

2.3.F.  Digitising student orientation and creating online communities

Online communities: connecting prospective and current international students locally and globally

Reshmi Dutta, RMIT University
Tom Gifford, RMIT University

2.3.G.  Benchmarking mobility and the impact of study abroad 

Broadening horizons 2016: the impact of study abroad

Zainab Malik, British Council Education Intelligence

Networks, connections and friendly competition: using global partners for benchmarking in learning abroad

Brett Berquist, University of Auckland 
Martha Johnson, University of Minnesota
Edilio Mazzoleni, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

2.3.P.  Connecting with students (2)

Restoring the student experience – connecting students to complaint resolution pathways

Ron Colley, Overseas Students Ombudsman 

The power of place – using place to create connectivity between students, industry and community

Jacyl Shaw, The University of Melbourne

City of Melbourne – connecting and collaborating with students in our communities

Sharon Smith, City of Melbourne
Gary Lee, City of Melbourne

Thursday 20 October, 2.30 pm

2.4.A.  Plenary (Thursday) 

KOTO: a recipe for life success

Jimmy Pham, Know One, Teach One
Huong Dang, Know One, Teach One

Thursday 20 October, 4.15 pm

2.5.A.  TEQSA TNE and quality assurance 

Carolyn Daniel, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency 
Peter McKerrow, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
Lorraine Buckman, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
Kate Jackson, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
Danny Wolters, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

2.5.B.  Collaboration, partnership and consortia building to compete globally at scale

Robert Scanlon, Austrade
Sue Freeman, First Impressions Resources, The Australian Retail College
Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland

2.5.C.  Maximising offshore pathways and the rise of the glocal: challenge or opportunity?

Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia
Kevin House, International Baccalaureate 
Laurie Pearcey, University of NSW
Nicholas Dwyer, Haileybury International School 

2.5.D.  Pedagogical and practical strategies to enhance the international student experience

Returning to the heart of the matter: interconnecting our students

Susan Lubbers, University of Sydney and Western Sydney University 

Evidence-based policing on campus: connecting students, staff and police

Helen Forbes-Mewett, Monash University 

2.5.E.  Creating global graduates: maximising the career benefits of international student mobility

Hiroshi Ota, Center for Global Education, Hitotsubashi University 
Ly Tran, Deakin University 
Renee Kyle, Universities Australia 
Cate Gribble, RMIT University
Sinéad Naughton, Siemens Ltd. Australia 

2.5.F.  First look at the 2016 international student survey 

Christopher Lawson, Australian Embassy
William Archer, i-graduate
Brett Blacker, English Australia
Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education
Kevin Brett, i-graduate

2.5.G.  In focus: Mexico

Niclas Jönsson, Australian Government Department of Education and Training 
Susan Elliott, The University of Melbourne
Josh Nester, SEEK Ltd
Chris Rodwell, Austrade 

2.5.P.  Business development in international education

Diversity in Australian higher education

Thomas Eastwood, RMIT University 

Changing pathways: the future of international student journeys in Australia

Shiang Huei Tee, RMIT University 

How do rankings impact international tuition fees in Australia?

Keri Ramirez, Studymove 

China–Australia Free Trade Agreement: what it means for trade in education services

Eva Chye, The University of Western Australia


Friday 21 October, 9.00 am

3.3.0. Plenary

Minister’s address [read transcript]

The Hon. Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training

3.1.A.  Don’t ask, don’t tell? International education and the LGBTQI experience 

Shanshan (Cecilia) Wang, Monash University
Rob McDonald, CQUniversity Australia 
Cai Wilkinson, Deakin University 
Budi Sudarto, Victorian AIDS Council
Jan Drew, The Global Student

3.1.B.  Two mobility case studies: Indigenous connectivity and ECU/Tokyo City University

Tokyo City University and ECU: student mobility on a major scale

Simon Davies Burrows, Edith Cowan University
Yuichi Inouye, Tokyo City University  

Indigenous connectivity: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ journeys to Canada for study abroad 

Tonia Gray, Western Sydney University
Son Truong, Western Sydney University

3.1.C.  Qualification frameworks and enhancing mobility

Fostering student mobility within ASEAN: the ASEAN Quality Assurance System and Qualifications Reference Framework

Irene Jansen, DAAD 

Enhancing mobility: the international connectivity of qualifications frameworks, quality assurance and qualifications recognition

Elizabeth Campbell-Dorning, Australian Government Department of Education and Training 
George Brown, International College of Hotel Management 

3.1.D.  Integrating international education into regional development strategy

Mike Howell, The Geelong College 
Jan Thomas, University of Southern Queensland 
Ika Lestari Damayanti, University of Wollongong 
Chris Ziguras, IEAA/RMIT

3.1.E.  Activating AIE2025

Beverley Oliver, Deakin University 
Susan Carey, TAFE Western 
Mathew Jacobson, Dūcere 
Kelly Ralston, Austrade 

3.1.P.  Global partnerships

Is there a magic formula for valuable and active global institutional partnerships? 

Keri Ramirez, Studymove
Dawn Hewitt, RMIT University

The importance of CSR in transnational VET programs in Indonesia 

Claire Finch, Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE NSW 

The Global Campus Network: an international online media collaboration

Marion Coomey, Ryerson University

Friday 21 October, 11.15 am

3.2.A.  Internationalising the curriculum to enhance employability: collaboration between international mobility and work integrated learning professionals 

Kim Siemensma, La Trobe University 
Ruth Delagas, La Trobe University
Carolyn Scott, La Trobe University

3.2.B.  Students and technology

Revolutionising student interconnectivity: getting ‘under the hood’ of student communities

Rob Malicki, The Global Society
Natalie Plummer, The Global Society

Mobility without moving – connecting students through technology to real-life learning opportunities with international partners

Treaisa Rowe, Australian Volunteers International 

3.2.C.  The AUIDF benchmarking data 2016: from analysis to action 

Gabrielle Rolan, University South Australia
Stephen Connelly, GlobalEd Services
William Archer, i-graduate; Sunny Yang, Monash University

3.2.D.  ELICOS benchmarking report and post-entry English language

NEAS launches ELICOS Benchmarking Report 

Christine Bundesen AM, cmbGlobal Consulting
Heidi Reid, Australian International College of English

Filling the gap in post-entry English language: the importance of conversational English

Marta Spes-Skrbis, Monash University 

3.2.E.  The TNE landscape in Vietnam and China

Learning a new dance: updates on TNE regulation, interpretation and implementation in Vietnam

Anh Pham, RMIT University

The changing TNE regulatory landscape and the market operating environment in China

Cecilia Fan, China Higher Ed
Celia Huang, RMIT University

3.2.F.  Hot topics in international education

Susan Elliott, The University of Melbourne
Elaine Meyer-Lee, Agnes Scott College
Nigel Healey, Fiji National University
Hiroshi Ota, Center for Global Education, Hitotsubashi University
Chris Ziguras, IEAA/RMIT

3.2.P.  Alumni initiatives

You’ve got mail: continuous career support at the heart of alumni communication

Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility 

Australian High Commission in India – Alumni Ambassadors Initiative

Amanda Day, Australian Government Department of Education and Training

Friday 21 October, 1.30 pm

3.3.A.  Australian Government presents: National Strategy for International Education 

Alice Maclean, Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection 
Kelly Ralston, Austrade; Adam Luckhurst, Department of Education and Training
Cheryl Johnson, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia
3.3.B.  Beyond the ‘Great Firewall’: social media in China
Tina Hu  

Friday 21 October, 2.40 pm

3.4.A. Closing Plenary (Friday)

Be first, be best or be nowhere

Simon Eassom, IBM

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