20/20 Vision: Insights for the Decade Ahead

A new decade is upon us.  What lessons have been learned over the past ten years and how will international education evolve as we move into the 2020s?  How can we ensure we are casting our gaze forward with energy and excitement? 

Some of mega trends widely believed to have the greatest impact in the coming decade are climate change, resource depletion, deglobalisation, the growth of Africa, the ageing out of the OECD, the rise of AI and continued technological advancement and disruption. 

How will these trends effect international education and how do we best prepare?  What new forms of global engagement are on the horizon?  With the fourth industrial revolution upon us we need to learn to thrive in a transforming world. 

This year’s AIEC provides an opportunity to reflect on the decade that has past, look to the future and view international education through fresh eyes.  It provides a chance to gain new insights, make new connections and prepare for the decade ahead. 

AIEC 2020 will explore emerging opportunities, creative responses to challenges, the changing global landscape and the future nature and shape of our profession to ensure we can continue to make a positive and meaningful impact on the world. 

2020 might be a leap year… will international education leap into a new phase?

Key dates

21 January - Online submission opens

1 March - Online submission closes

May - Call for proposals notifications

4 June - Registration opens

1 August - Early bird registration closes

8 October - Registration closes

15 October 2019 - Conference starts