Workshop F:

From ni hao to know-how: understanding Chinese language and culture

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Time: 1–4pm
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

Registration fee: $295/$345


China is Australia’s largest source market for international students, accounting for almost 30% of international student enrolments (DET, 2016). Despite the prevalence of Chinese nationals studying and living in Australia – and the importance of China as one of the world’s largest economies – many of us lack familiarity with its people, cultures and languages.

This workshop will take your knowledge of Chinese language and culture from nĭ hăo to know-how. It will provide insights and practical tips for recruiters, educators, business development and student services staff working in China, or with Chinese students in Australia. Participants will gain an introduction to the cultures and languages of the Chinese-speaking world. The workshop will explore three core themes within Chinese culture, touching briefly on contrasts between different Chinese-speaking regions and how these can manifest in the education sector.

Participants will gain an introduction to Mandarin, including characters, intonation and dialects. There will be discussion on how native Mandarin speakers typically use English and how participants can adjust their use of English when speaking with Chinese people. Finally, the workshop will look at writing Chinese words and names in English (i.e. hanyu pinyin romanisation). Participants will learn how to use and pronounce Chinese names correctly and will have the opportunity to practise saying common Chinese surnames with correct pronunciation and intonation.


Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price, Director, Globalise Consulting, Australia

David Dukes, General Manager Australia, Linuo Group Co LtdAustralia (CHAIR)

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a greater awareness of Chinese-speaking cultures and how they differ.
  • Learn how to use the names of Chinese people and places correctly and confidently.
  • Understand common Chinese/Australian cross-cultural challenges – language barriers, delays in business negotiations, lack of class participation – and how to address these effectively.

Target audience:

  • Marketing, recruitment and mobility professionals
  • Business development professionals and TNE practitioners working in China
  • Student services support staff
  • Teachers and academics

Key interest area:

Marketing and communications (M&C)

Other interest area(s):

  • Transnational education (TNE)
  • Business development and strategy (BD&S)
  • Learning and teaching (L&T)
  • Students (STU)


This workshop is suitable for professionals in all sectors:

  • English language (ELT/ELICOS)
  • Higher education/university (HE)
  • Schools (SCH)
  • Vocational education & training (VET)