Workshop E:

Data demystified: unlock the value of data-driven decision-making

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Time: 1–4pm
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

Registration fee: $295/$345


How well do you understand your students? Is their progression as linear as it seems? How can you measure their student journey better? We all have access to data that can answer these questions, whether it’s locked away in spreadsheets or hidden in various databases. But do we really know how to leverage these insights to understand and influence the student journey more effectively?

The first half of this interactive workshop will be led by Laura Hague, a data-driven marketing specialist who will demystify and unlock the value of data at your fingertips. You will be encouraged to explore your organisation’s level of data and analytical maturity, and to learn how small improvements can yield significant returns. Focusing on these real-world examples, you will experience how data-driven insights can inform strategy and improve the student experience.

The second half of the workshop will be presented by Darragh Murray, who will highlight how best to make sense of publicly available data on international education. He will help you locate the various data sources – Austrade, Department of Education and Training (DET), Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) – and teach you the tricks of the trade. How can you best use the data? Are enrolment figures equivalent to student numbers? And what is the difference between commencements and enrolments?


Laura Hague, Senior Insights Manager, TRACK, Australia

Darragh Murray, Manager, International Development, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Arfa Noor, Senior Project Officer, Higher Ed and Schools, Trade and Investment Queensland, Australia (CHAIR)

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about sources of internal data and how best to leverage these insights.
  • Discover how data-driven insights can inform action to improve the student journey.
  • Gain insight into free data sources and how to use the data for decision-making.

Target audience:

This workshop is for intermediate users of data across a range of areas including:

  • regional recruitment managers
  • marketing and communications staff 
  • planners, business analysts and policy officers.

Key interest area:

Marketing and communications (M&C)

Other interest area(s):

Business development and strategy (BD&S)


This workshop is suitable for professionals in all sectors:

  • English language (ELT/ELICOS)
  • Higher education/university (HE)
  • Schools (SCH)
  • Vocational education & training (VET)