Workshop D:

Trends from across the pond: what's next for TNE in Australia?

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Time: 9am–12 noon
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

Registration fee: $295/$345


Over the past few years, UK and US providers have expanded their provision of transnational education (TNE) programs and become increasingly sophisticated in their development and management. A HEGlobal/British Council report, ‘The Scale of UK Higher Education: Transnational Education’ (June 2016), highlighted the growing mobility of students between TNE host countries and the UK. US universities also continue to expand their transnational footprint across the globe, with 12 campuses now operating in China alone.

This workshop will feature practitioners from the UK and the US who will explore the growing breadth and diversity of approaches to TNE. Together, we will examine new models of TNE delivery and the evolving policy and regulatory frameworks under which they operate. What are the emerging trends in the UK and the US? What impact will these have on global TNE delivery? And what are the implications and opportunities for Australia?


Josh Taylor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Programs, New York University, United States

Kevin Van-Cauter, Senior Higher Education Adviser, The British Council, United Kingdom

Bill Damachis, Director, Transnational Education & Alliances, University of Wollongong, Australia (CHAIR)

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand recent developments in the US and the UK (e.g. evolving policy frameworks, implications for Australian TNE providers).
  • Learn from innovative case studies and best practice examples from the US and UK. 
  • Compare benchmark and competitor analysis of TNE sending and host countries. 
  • Explore opportunities and potential for collaborative delivery with TNE host countries.

Target audience:

This workshop is aimed at staff who are responsible for developing TNE strategy and partnerships. It will appeal to teachers, academics and professional staff engaged in TNE. More broadly, it will be of interest to those involved in international benchmarking and competitor analysis.

Key interest area:

Transnational education (TNE)


This workshop is suitable for professionals in the following sectors:

  • Higher education/university (HE)
  • Schools (SCH)
  • Vocational education & training (VET)