Workshop A:

Beyond the great firewall: social media in China

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2017
Time: 9am–12 noon
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart

Registration fee: $295/$345


Coming to grips with digital and social media in China is no easy task. Between VPNs, firewalls and the influx of local alternative platforms, it can be a difficult market to gain cut-through.

This workshop will empower participants to get beyond the great firewall and embrace digital and social media platforms in China. It will explore the most popular Chinese social media platforms, how they work and best practice case studies. Participants will gain a better understanding of the differences between Western and Chinese platforms and how best to reach and engage prospective students.

Key areas of focus will include:

  • differentiating Western and Chinese online systems, such as search engines and social media platforms
  • leveraging the right digital marketing channels to reach prospective students in China
  • developing a marketing plan for Chinese students – marketing agencies versus campaigns developed in-house
  • integrating Chinese platforms, channels and plans into your broader marketing and recruitment strategies.

Participants are recommended to bring an iPad or smart phone that already has WeChat downloaded and installed.


George Hernandez, Digital & International Marketing Strategist, Higher Education Consulting Group (HECG), Australia

Kate Yang, Director, Business Development, WT Media, Australia

David Dukes, General Manager Australia, Linuo Group Co Ltd, Australia

Anna McLeod, Team Leader – Business Development, Careers and Internships Victoria, Navitas, Australia (CHAIR)


Learning outcomes:

  • Enhance your understanding of social media platforms in China.
  • Learn how to incorporate Chinese social media into your wider recruitment strategy.
  • Gain an understanding of the financial input required.
  • Learn how to work with agents, maintain relationships and manage campaigns.

Target audience:

This workshop is aimed at marketing and recruitment professionals from all sectors, as well as student services staff, who want to gain a greater insight into the digital landscape and social media platforms in China. It is best suited to those who have some knowledge of Chinese social media.

Key interest area:

Marketing and communications (M&C)

Other interest area(s):

Business development and strategy (BD&S)


This workshop is suitable for professionals in all sectors:

  • English language (ELT/ELICOS)
  • Higher education/university (HE)
  • Schools (SCH)
  • Vocational education & training (VET)